Cruz Calls GOP To Reject Trump’s Candidacy After Discovering That “His Mother Was An Illegal Immigrant”

It turns out that Donald Trump’s mother was a poor Scottish immigrant who came to the U.S. seeking a better life – which contradicts the tale told by the billionaire real estate developer and presidential candidate. Trump has said his mother, born Mary Anne Macleod, met his American-born father while on holiday.

However, despite the fact that The National revealed that she had actually legally emigrated to the U.S. on May 11, 1930, former GOP hopeful Ted Cruz claims that Donald Trump is the child of “illegal immigrants” and that, as such, must not be allowed to run for president. Cruz has also publically called for the cancellation of Trump’s candidacy on this basis.

“Is this not the last straw?” Cruz asked during one of his rants. “After everything this man has said about the citizens of this country, about countless others who are here, about legal and especially illegal immigrants, is this yet another one of his flammable statements that we should simply ignore? Haven’t we had enough? I know I have.”

He continued, “I’d like to have been the guy in charge of his PR, this is such a hot potato and I’d love to see how he’d want me to handle this from a public relations standpoint. I mean, to have you mother exposed as an illegal immigrant, when illegal immigration is one of the main staples of your campaign, that’s just awesome from where I’m sitting. Goes to show that God doesn’t let everything slide, although he’s been very, very forgiving in the case of Donald Trump.”

“Because, let’s face it – we all know how things work in this country. If you’re rich, you can pretty much do anything you want. Trump probably owns The National or at least has a certain amount of its shares. You know he paid a lot of money to a lot of people to make sure his mother is depicted as a law-abiding, legal citizen of this country. But to me, that screams exactly the opposite – he’s just lying his a*s off, as usual. Nothing new on that front,” Cruz kept going.

He added, “And let me just say, and I mean this with all due respect – I don’t believe there’s a single member of the entire Trump family, past or present, who has ever done anything completely legal and by the book. Even Donald Trump’s candidacy has to do with his personal interests, not the interests of the political party he’s supposed to be a member of. That man only knows how to fill up his own pocket at the expense of everybody else’s.”

“That’s why he is not worthy of becoming the President of the United States. And that is why I implore the Republican Party to revoke, cancel or do whatever it wants with Donald Trump’s candidacy to make sure that man never sets foot in another political party ever again. A kick in the butt out the door would also be nice, but that’s just what I’d do. Maybe he should try running for President of Scotland, you know, because that’s his mother’s homeland. Oh, right – they’ve got the Queen over there, and I don’t think she’d take kindly to a Labrador-looking billionaire snooping around the throne. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all,” Cruz concluded. “Or any, in Donald Trump’s case.”

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