John Zmirak: “Black People Are Fundamentally Dissatisfied With How God Made Them”

Conservative columnist John Zmirak, whose endorsement Ted Cruz proudly posted on his presidential campaign website last month, reacted recently to a controversial anti-trans law in North Carolina by writing a column titled “There’s a Bearded Trannie in the Stall Next to Your Daughter and You’d Better Learn to Like It.” Zmirak’s perceptive thoughts on this issue naturally earned him invitations from a few conservative radio hosts to discuss it further.

However, during a recent interview with fellow Cruz supporter and influential Iowa radio host Steve Deace, Zmirak also talked about African-Americans and their “inherent need to have white people like them.” “Most people don’t realize that so-called ‘trans-gender people’ and black people have one major thing in common. Both of these groups are desperate to have white people like them, and what’s more, to be accepted by them. Because, if you go out for a dinner and a movie at night, you’re going to get stares and gossip all around regardless of whether you’re black or unnatural-looking,” he told Deace.

Deace interjected, “Now that you mentioned it, I have noticed that lately. Black people are increasingly starting to feel uncomfortable around white people. It’s almost like they’re on edge about something.” The columnist replied, “That’s right Steve, and there’s a very simple reason for that. And that is that black people can’t escape the fact that, if they had a choice, most of them would choose to be born again as a white person. They are unhappy with the color of their skin for a number of reasons. In fact, several African-Americans whom I’ve spoken to have admitted to that.”

“Well, why do you think that is?” Deace inquired. Zmirak responded, “I guess they’re just dissatisfied with the way God made them. They feel that you can live a much easier life if you’re white, which is why they curse their own race. In fact, things are so dramatic that I know a number of black men who are actively seeking a white woman to have a family with, as an attempt to dilute their genes. They’re becoming so desperate.”

He also added, “They’ve even started idolizing the famous pop singer Michael Jackson. They are increasingly admiring the fact that had bleached his own skin to make himself appear whiter. Black people have actually gone from despising him for what he had done to celebrating him and his actions. It’s funny how things can change in such a short period of time.”

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