Rafael Cruz: “CruzCare Will Allow Us To Offer Psychiatric Medication To Atheists For Free”

Recently, Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz and one of his top campaign surrogates, chatted with “Trunews” host Rick Wiles about “why America as a nation must return to its Judeo-Christian values or face ruin.” The elder Cruz told Wiles that “secular humanism has become the religion of many Americans” who think that “you are your own god,” resulting in “a chaos society.” He added that while “Barack Obama is the most lawless president we have ever had in the history of this great country,” his purported lawlessness has become “a catalyst to wake up the sleeping giant,” and “the sleeping giant is the church.”

“What I’ve been struggling to figure out more than anything,” Cruz said, “is the timeline of this change in our society. When did we go from being fearful of God and respecting the church as his home to allowing our kids to go off and do drugs, drink excessively, have unprotected relations, and get tattoos? I am lost because I can’t get my head around when all this took place. One minute we are seen as a nation that worships one God while at the same time celebrating religious diversity, and then wham – we’re somehow Christian oppressors who accept same-sex marriage and can’t publicly proclaim that we’re Christian because that’s offensive to atheists and members of other religions. It’s like Christians have become a minority in their own country, and everything that the Devil proclaims is considered normal.”

The elder Cruz went on to reveal that, much like billionaire businessman Donald Trump, his son Ted will also bring forth a signature healthcare program if he becomes President: “He’s going to call it CruzCare, and not because he’s trying to copy Obama or Trump, but because, unlike the two of them, he actually, genuinely cares about the American people, regardless of their religion or even sexual preferences. And the most important part of CruzCare, I know this because I spoke to him about it just yesterday, will be that it will have the option of offering psychiatric-level medication to atheists in particular, in the hopes of bringing them back to the path of faith. Because, remember, God doesn’t get angry; he forgives members of his flock who go astray, and we’ll be there to help them fall back in line.”

“And the way we’ll do that is, we’ll address the problem not from a religious perspective, but from a biological, or rather, medical one. Just like you have antidepressants that serve to cheer up a person and make them feel better about themselves and their life, CruzCare will make it legal, and even mandatory later on, to prescribe similar medication to atheists, so that they forget about the ‘I don’t believe in God’ or ‘I am not religious’ crap, and come back to their faith and church as normal people do. And all of that will be done completely free of charge,” Rafael Cruz promised.

He added, “Because, let’s face it – anyone who doesn’t see, or at least feel, the existence and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in even the tiniest molecule of their being, is definitely suffering from some kind of biological damage to their brain, and should therefore be treated and nursed back to health. Atheism is a disease, make no mistake about it, and just like family and friends play a vital role in bringing back drug addicts from the grip of their vice, so too must people understand that the medication we’ll prescribe to atheists will be there to help them return back to sanity. So, they will need their friends and family members there for support.”

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