Custom T-Shirts: 7 Great T-Shirt Printing ideas

Custom t-shirts have been around forever. But in recent years, this humble garment has risen to superstardom thanks to celebrities and designer duos like Kanye West and Virgil Abloh.

Now, the market’s never been better and the cost of entry has never been more approachable. So, to inspire your foray into the exciting and creative world of custom fashion, check out these 7 great t-shirt printing ideas below!

1. Showcase Local Culture

Consider going with a design that speaks to the local flavor. Does your county have a “vibe” that differentiates it from the rest? What is your town most proud of? Give your neighbors a custom shirt to remind them of home.

2. Brand Your Favorite Clubs & Groups

From online communities to reading groups and academic clubs — there is an unlimited amount of buyers looking to purchase clothing that highlights their favorite activities. Dive into the details, discover the inside jokes and quips that only the “in-crowd” would know. And create something special that members can wear to express their pride.

3. Create Merch for Movies and TV

Whether you or your potential audiences are self-proclaimed at-home film critics or just casual Harry Potter fans, it’s always a good idea to design custom t-shirts with popular movie quotes, images, or fictional references.

4. Design Custom Gear for Die-Hard Sports Fans

Sure, every professional sporting league offers its own line of official gear. But, many die-hard fans want something more. Consider designing apparel that puts a different spin on your favorite sports team. Bring back a retro design or reinvigorate a current logo with a modern aesthetic.

5. Make a Statement with Streetwear

From Supreme to Palace and beyond, streetwear is the king of the graphic t-shirt world. But while a lot of streetwear labels appear simplistic at first, they’re much more than meets the eye — and that’s where the fun comes in. From the ink or dye used for your graphics to the fit, cut, and materials of the shirt itself, the streetwear hustle is an adventure all of its own.

6. Express Your Inner Picasso

A literal mat and frame isn’t the only way to display your fine art! From watercolor and acrylic to oil and more — a custom t-shirt can be a great way to showcase your latest painting or illustration wherever you go.

7. Consult with Your Local Printshop

Sometimes you have a great idea, but cant’ quite visualize it. When that’s the case, don’t worry, some printshops can even help you with the design. Seriously! Check out this printing company or other similar providers in your area and explain what you want to create. Collaborate and clarify your goals — and then send your design through the screen printing or other production process. A great experience, start to finish.

How Can You Make Your T-Shirt Printing Experience a Total Success?

It’s easy: by enjoying the t-shirt printing process and making a sale! Have fun with your idea. Price out production costs with your printer, decide on a printing method, and then: watch your t-shirts fly off the shelf.

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