In The New Digital World, Customer Experience Is King, Says CarGuard Trevor Smith

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a key factor in driving rapid digitalization. With an increased online presence, brands have to redefine their customer service. Customer experience is the key to the growth of any business. The way a brand interacts with customers online can make or break its reputation. The internet has provided another avenue for brand building and interacting with customers through a good customer experience.

Digital marketing is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. A website is essential for online marketing. Brands also need to have a solid social media presence.

The Customer Service Culture Should Extend to Digital Presence

The Customer Service Culture Should Extend to Digital Presence

The leading brands have a customer service culture. Everything about these brands is customer-centric, including the way they run their websites and social media pages.

Building an effective customer service culture starts at the top. It is management that has to define this culture and demonstrate it. They should also disseminate it to the lower levels of the organization. People who interact with the brand online need to know that they are valued and cared for, and all online feedback must be acted on.

CarGuard Trevor Smith and a Customer-Oriented Website

According to CarGuard Trevor Smith, a customer-oriented website will increase customer engagement and maximize sales. Trevor Smith says that having the best content on the website will help in building authority and social proof. By sharing useful knowledge on a particular topic, it will be easy to attract clients.

CarGuard Trevor Smith believes that a customer-oriented website is user-friendly, elegant, easy to navigate, and has useful information that answers the questions of customers. It also has a contact page, live chat, and live issue tracking.

Customers should easily access the website; that requires the website to be SEO optimized and have fast loading times. There should be helpful articles that address different issues. It should be possible for a customer to access a real human from the website quickly.

Social Media As a Platform for Customer Service

Social Media As a Platform for Customer Service

Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are a great place to share content. They can also be used as a customer service platform. Nowadays, customers reach out to brands through social media. Responding properly to customer feedback online is essential for business success. Nike and Starbucks have done a great job of managing customer service on social media.

A Great Example: Nike


Nike has a huge Twitter following of over 4 million followers. This company understands the importance of customer service on social media. Nike has created a separate Twitter account specifically for handling customer queries: @NikeSupport. This account is dedicated to everything customer service. Customers can reach out through this account and raise their queries.

An important element of a great customer experience is a quick response. Nike Support is very active, and queries are always addressed on time. The account’s Twitter feed indicates that replies are normally posted every few minutes. This assures customers that they can trust Nike to offer them the help that they need when they need it.

Online Customer Service is Vital

“Nowadays, most people spend a good part of their time online. They use the internet to find car products to buy. Therefore, brands require a digital strategy that addresses online customer service and other issues,” explains CarGuard Trevor Smith, an executive who has a long history of working to meet the needs of customers.