Dave Daubenmire: “Every God-Fearing Parent Prefers Their Child Getting Raped In Church Over Spiritual Rape In Our Public Schools”

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire dedicated his “Pass the Salt Live” webcast recently to railing against Christian parents who allow their children to attend public schools, which he said teach that “homosexuality is normal” and are engaged in the “spiritual rape” of children on a daily basis. “The Christian education of children is paramount to a culture,” he declared, “but what’s going on is the raping, the spiritual raping of children…We are having spiritual rape take place right in front of us and the churches don’t even recognize it and aren’t doing anything to alter it. It’s better for you to put a millstone around your neck, I say, than to allow your children to be taught that homosexuality is normal.”

He continued, “And before I get jumped, pun intended, by internet-hovering public education advocates, I’d also like to add that I’m fully aware of the perils that lurk in the Christian Church. After all, one should never expect perfection from anything man-made, and so I don’t expect it to exist anywhere, let alone in the house of God, where men still rule, regardless of their robes, prayers and Holy Scripture. We all know of the stories and accounts of young altar boys being molested by priests and abused by various other individuals closely linked to the Church. It goes without saying that, if we’re being 100 percent honest, there’s really no place safe enough for our children.”

“Still,” he added, “I can’t shake the feeling that, often enough in one’s life, a choice is forced upon them. A choice between good and evil can be easy; choosing good is always more rewarding in the long run, despite the fact that evil seems to be more enticing immediately. But the real problem occurs when a person is presented with two options, both of which are no good at all. Take the aforementioned spiritual rape, for example. If someone were to ask you, if it was up to you and you had to make a choice of where you’d rather send your kid to get raped, which would you chose? A public school, where your children are taught that gay people are okay, or a church, where there’s a remote possibility they’d suffer at the hands of a horny, old goat that can’t stand celibacy anymore?”

“And believe you me – I know darn well how it sounds. It’s like having to sentence your kid to a lifetime of suffering. But in a purely hypothetical situation, can you imagine yourself having to make that choice? It’s appalling,” Daubenmire seemed somewhat surprised by his own words. Nevertheless, he carried on: “If you ask me, I think that every God-fearing parent in this country should feel a moral obligation to go with the church instead of the school. If for nothing else, then because a church is holy ground and all sins are forgiven there, both for the sinner and the sinnee. That, and then there’s also the fact that I know the church sometimes pays handsome out-of-court settlements to avoid lawsuits. Between those arguments, I’d go for the church every day of the week. After all, child abuse therapy isn’t that expensive anymore and you can be darn sure they’ll hate homosexuals even more afterwards. It’s a win-win,” he concluded.