David Whitney Blames Ariana Grande For London Terrorist Attack Because “Her Homosexuality Attracts Muslims”

Last Sunday, David Whitney of the Maryland-based Institute of the Constitution delivered a sermon in which he asked which is worse: the suicide bomber who killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert or Ariana Grande herself for promoting satanism and sodomy. “Everything she stands for is quite eye-opening,” Whitney said. “She is an open advocate for sodomy.

David Whitney Blames Ariana Grande

She frequently speaks of her interaction with demons. That’s right, demons. She was raised, actually, in a Christian household but now clearly rejects everything that Christianity stands for and she states that she did so for a particular reason – because her brother is a sodomite and so, Christianity she threw out lock, stock and barrel for that reason. […] It appears that Ariana is like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, leading a whole generation of young people, and indeed some very young people, to a very dangerous place.”

“The trouble with making these kind of decisions is, you always have to account for the things you can’t calculate,” Whitney continued. “For example, we know exactly what kind of catastrophe the bomber caused – he killed 22 people and we are able to know that because they bodies have been counted.

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Ariana Grande is Doing is much more Difficult to Fathom

On the other hand, what Ariana Grande is doing is much more difficult to fathom because the effects of her evil are more concealed and not as apparent. One might even argue that the seeds of evil she is planting into the minds of millions of young children around the world are dormant and that they will grow in the future until they turn those children into soldiers of Satan.

What she is doing is so blatantly disrespectful and wrong that she ought to be forbidden to perform her so-called music ever again and then subjected to an exorcism just to be sure.”

He also said, “I blame her and no one else for the London bombing because, if it hadn’t been for her concert and her praying to the Devil, the terrorists would not have been there and they wouldn’t have killed all those innocent people. It is her homosexuality that attracts Muslims and they won’t stop coming as long as she’s out there corrupting young children.

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To Make Matters Worse

Her evil spreads beyond the confines of any one religion. America is a multicultural society – and even if it wasn’t, she’s globally popular – and kids from all religions are being seduced by her. The same thing is happening to children half way around the world in majority Muslim countries, which was what ultimately prompted the bomber to kill 22 people at her London concert in the first place. She should be held accountable for the deaths of those innocent folks.”

“However, not even that is the worst part. At the end of the day, she is not showing any signs of remorse or regret over what happened, and plans to continue performing, or, as I like to call it – publicly summon Satan to poison our children. Honestly speaking, I’m afraid to even think about what might happen during any one of her future concerts and shows, when crowds may be much bigger than the one in London.

The sheer devastation and death a suicide bomber could cause in that sort of situation is something I’m too terrified to picture in my mind. It’s known that Muslims don’t stop until they reach whatever goal they set for themselves – and if killing people at Ariana Grande’s shows is what they’re after, then we’re doomed. Because, she’s not backing down, either. That means that her homosexuality is an open invitation to mass murders in the coming days. Unless, of course, we somehow find a way to nip the problem in the bud and remove the source of it all,” Whitney concluded.

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