‘Dear Guns & Ammo’ Advice Columnist Returns to New York Times

NEW YORK—The long-time advice columnist for Guns & Ammo magazine will return to write exclusively for the New York Times after he was exposed as an embedded journalist working undercover for the left-leaning newspaper.

Dick Metcalf was known for his lighthearted replies to questions about guns and ammo submitted to the magazine such as, “Where might I be able to find a holster designed to fit over a pair of Pampers diapers?”

But Metcalf’s bona fides as a gun-toting conservative were called into question after he penned a controversial column appearing in the magazine’s December issue that advocated for certain limited gun control.

“I firmly believe that all U.S. citizens have a right to keep and bear arms, but I do not believe that they have a right to use them irresponsibly,” Metcalf wrote.

The magazine’s editor, Jim Bequette, has since resigned his position and taken full responsibility for allowing Metcalf to publish “this type of extreme leftist propaganda” in a periodical with a tradition of “unwavering” support of the Second Amendment.

“His [Metcalf’s] views do not represent mine—nor, most important, Guns & Ammo’s,” wrote an apologetic Bequette. “What Metcalf pretended was an earnest effort to generate a healthy exchange of ideas on gun rights turned out to be nothing more than a devious attempt to emasculate the American public as per the design of the [New York] Times.”

Bill Kristol, a prominent neoconservative whose brief stint as a columnist for the New York Times ended after a year’s worth of factually inaccurate articles and several instances in which he publically disparaged his employer, suggested that the Metcalf affair was consistent with his experience working at the paper.

“The New York Times would love nothing more than to plant the seeds of reasoned nuance into the public debate over gun control,” Kristol posted on his blog. “You know, there’s a reason they call the paper the Gray Lady, not the Black-and-White Lady.”

Kristol worried that if conservatives don’t remain vigilant, “the liberal media is liable to infiltrate our last bastions of unbleached thought.”