Dan Stein: “Immigration Advocates Bringing Defective Races To America”

Dennis Michael Lynch devoted his entire Newsmax TV program on Friday night to discussing “Islam in America” with an entirely Muslim-free panel that included the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Dan Stein and Act! For America’s Brigitte Gabriel. Lynch asked Stein why anybody who complains about immigration is labeled “a hater.” Stein responded that it is because immigration reform advocates are simply using the issue to “radically alter” the “ethnic base” of America and “reengineer the demographics of the electorate.”

“It’s as simple as that. That’s basically how you change the situation around here. Because, the way things are going right now, people are finally starting to think for themselves. And the government doesn’t want that. Because, whenever you have a loose cannon, they’re difficult to control. A lack of control further leads to an undesired outcome, and that’s bad for the government as well as the people. I mean, just look at the current presidential election. Do you really think the Republican Party wanted Donald Trump to be their frontrunner and, ultimately, candidate? Of course not. But, they’ll take whatever they can get,” Stein argued.

He added, “And then you have immigration advocates who are going on and on about how America is a country based on liberty and that every person has an equal right to come here and have a piece of the American dream. Well, yes, that was the general concept some 200 years ago. But see, things have changed greatly over the course of two centuries. You now have the American nation, which has its own identity, its own culture. And the same rules simply don’t apply. So, no – this is no longer a place where different races, especially defective ones, are welcome. Because it’s about time we started tailoring our immigration policy in a way that best suites the majority of the American public.”

“And what do I mean by that?” Stein also contemplated. “Well, it’s pretty simple. You see what’s going on with illegal immigrants from Mexico and refugees from Syria. These are the two biggest threats that we as a society are faced with today. What bothers me is the fact that they are the worst of their kind. They are broken and they are not U.S.-material. Because, if we let them overrun us, who will be left to tend to the European-American traditions and culture that we take such pride in? No one, that’s who.”

He also said, “After all, that’s why I partially agree with what Donald Trump plans to do about immigration, even though I’m completely apolitical. Because, let’s face it – the man has got it figured out. The Wall, the deportations, the trade war with China, I mean, he’s obviously got a plan. And there’s a great chance that’s all a load of BS, but at least he’s thinking the right way. We need to protect what little true Americans we have left, not bring in more defected races to smother us completely. We’re not a homeless shelter, we’re the greatest country in the world and it’s about time we started acting like it.”

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