‘You Deserve Rape’ Campus Preacher Pleads Court Not To Jail Him Out Of Fear Of Getting Raped

A controversial campus street preacher, who has long told women that they “deserve rape” for wearing yoga pants, was arrested this week for kicking a woman in the chest. Via Patheos, Tuscon News Now reports that Dean Frederick Saxton, a.k.a. “Brother Dean,” was arrested this week for assaulting a University of Arizona student during one of his “sermons.” In addition to facing assault charges for kicking the woman, Saxton has been banned from the university’s campus for a full year.

However, after being taken to a judicial hearing, Saxton reportedly cried out against being jailed because of the incident out of fear for his life and virginity, a source inside the courthouse told media outlets. “He was literally in tears, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, especially not from a grown man,” the source who requested anonymity, said. “I honestly thought he would need an underwear change or something, he was shaking and looked like he was in shock.”

Although some would deem it wrong to say that suffering the same fate he wished onto countless girls and women during his “sermons” on campus would almost be a shining example of karmic justice, it’s still somewhat surprising Saxton couldn’t hold it together in front of a judge, who reportedly laughed at his request. However, the source also revealed that the judge was, ironically, a woman, which could have contributed to the overall situation. “He could barely stand on his feet and speak, that’s how much he was shaking and crying,” the source also said.

Saxton’s attorney, Simon Rosenthal, told the media post-hearing that his client is “entitled to the same rights as any other person under suspicion of misogyny,” as well as that the only reason this case has received such extensive media coverage is because the victim’s parents are “high up in the political food chain.” “In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a hand in deliberately sending my client to a female judge who, out of the blue, decided she wanted to send him to jail for such a minor incident,” Rosenthal said.

Asked whether it’s true his client nearly wet himself in the courtroom in front of the judge, the attorney replied by attempting to dodge a direct answer. “I think anybody in such a situation would be concerned for their wellbeing in the future. My client isn’t the brightest and most mindful star on his university’s student body heaven; however, all mistakes can be fixed with a do-over, except death. It is completely understandable why he would be scared for his life, especially when one considers his past actions throughout campus,” Rosenthal argued.

“The judge’s decision is pending while Mr. Saxton remains in custody without the possibility of parole,” his attorney added. “At least the judge had the decency and common sense to place him in solitary confinement while she makes her decision, thereby giving him time to reflect on his less than commendable actions. However, I am confident she will not send him to jail, as that would likely leave deep psychological scars on him. And if there is one thing all judges are trained to do, it’s to look past simple revenge and keep their eye on the greater good when making decisions,” Rosenthal concluded.