Design a Living Room to Work From Home

Design a living room, figuring out where to start can leave you scratching your head. What colors will you use? What’s the best way to arrange the furniture? What about the floor? You want to get every detail right; after all, living rooms are often used to entertain guests and host get-togethers.

Also, think about the position of the room. It’s usually by the entryway, and the first space visitors are introduced to when they step into your home. You want the room to make a great first impression and leave your guests wowed, so let’s start by determining what function the living room will serve in the home.

Design a Living Room to Work

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Knowing how you’ll use the room will tell you the style and furniture pieces that should occupy the space. Do you want a formal space for entertaining or an informal room where the family gathers to chat and watch television or listen to music? You know which use would best work for your lifestyle.

Once you’ve settled on using the space, the next step is to take measurements and figure out what will fit. You’ll be left heartbroken if you find the perfect sofa, only to realize it’s too long to fit against the wall you want to place it by. Measure the room, then begin checking the dimensions of the pieces you want to fit in there. If you’ll be turning it into a workspace, think about what furniture would function best in the room.

Design a Living Room to Work From Home

You’ll most likely want a desk in there, but what about television? Would it be too distracting? Perhaps the media wall could hold a sound system to play light music while you work. Bookshelves would also make a wonderful storage option in a workspace. Envision what you’ll need.

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