5 Design Features for Improving Your Home

Every proud homeowner knows the value of improving their property. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll be improving the market value of your home. Making use of home design features is one way of increasing both the comfort level and value of your house.

Many home features are designed to add aesthetic appeal to the structure of your house. But others are also designed to enhance your home living standards. Let’s take the example of skylights Melbourne homeowners are now often installing in their homes. Not only do they bring more natural lighting into your home but it’s more eco-friendly too.

Let’s discover what home design features can be added to your home to bring you comfort while increasing your property’s value.

1. Skylights for Natural Lighting

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of using skylights in your home. But let’s explore this home design feature some more. Skylights have been cleverly designed to bring in the sunlight without exposing you to UV rays.

They can be used to improve the lighting in any interior room of your home. You can even use them to give you natural lighting in the basement or the attic. Skylights are designed with materials that make sure your house doesn’t overheat.

With all this natural lighting coming into your home, you’ll be saving on unnecessarily high electricity bills and your spirits will lift every time you walk into a room that’s full of natural daylight.

2. Motorised Blinds for Ease of Use

If you’re living in a home with large windows letting in the hot sun, you’ll need to put up curtains or blinds. Both of these can become cumbersome and a nuisance to draw every day. Did you know you can install trendy motorised blinds that are convenient and modern looking at the same time?

What’s more, if you enjoy spending time outdoors in your entertainment area, you can install outdoor blinds. These can also be motorised and are perfect for those extra hot sunny days or when you want to keep out the cold in winter.

3. Roller Doors to Spruce Up Your Garage

Often the garage is the one place on your property you tend to neglect. But it’s also the first place you and your guests are likely to see when arriving at your home. Enhance your home design by adding modern roller garage doors.

This design feature is a quick and simple way of improving your home’s overall aesthetics and value. Plus, if you go with the automatic option, you’re making your own life so much easier too. Who would have thought opening your garage door remotely would have so much appeal?

4. Nifty Storage Solutions to Take Away the Clutter

A home full of clutter can lead to lots of frustrations especially if you like to live in a tidy environment. Clever storage features go a long way to keeping your home neat and you sane. Consider smart storage designs such as organisers for your kitchen drawers, storage boxes under your bed and even a weatherproof shed for your garden utensils. Nowadays, storage designs include modern features so they won’t look ugly or out of place in your home.

The best way to decide where you need storage features is to walk through every room in your house. Take a look and see where the potential “cluttering” areas are. Once you know which rooms would benefit from a storage solution you can hunt down the right storage design for that room.

Simple storage designs could include baskets, boxes with lids and even floating shelves on your walls.

5. Trendy Tiles and Wallpaper

Yes, wallpaper is back and stronger than ever before! But don’t imagine they’re anything like your grandma’s favourite rose wallpaper collection. Interior decorators will tell you wallpaper is the way to go if you want to change the style of a room in your home. With modern designs, wallpaper is making a comeback.

Feature tiles are another way of improving the comfort and value of your home while still adding some panache. You can pick from simple colours to flamboyant designs. You can even opt for mirror tiles. These tile features, as with wallpaper, have been designed to fit into any home. Both wallpaper and tiles are some of the easiest ways of doing a makeover in your home.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your home with design features such as these mentioned above is a fun way of improving your home. If you want to update your home, one of the best ways to do it is to install modernised features. There’s no reason for living in a home without the comforts such features can bring you.

Home improvement can be as simple as going DIY. Or, calling in the experts to install the skylights or motorised blinds. Every homeowner would benefit from ensuring they include smart home design features. So, what are you waiting for? Get creative, head on down to the local hardware store or find out about the latest design features online.