3 Digital Printing Ideas to Inspire Your Print Advertising Campaigns

Great news! your latest print ad campaign had a fabulous response. But, with a new project deadline around the corner, you’re struggling to come up with any fresh ideas.

You can’t slap any old thing on the page and expect to maintain your reputation because those ads don’t come cheap! The average magazine ad runs $500 to $20,000 depending on the popularity of the magazine.

Don’t panic! Instead, keep reading to learn our top 3 digital printing ideas to help inspire your next ad campaign!

1. Combine Offline and Online

Although your print ads went well, you can optimize your ad campaign further. Today’s digital printing solutions can digitize your print marketing. This kind of optimization doesn’t have to break the bank and make your marketing go even further.

Marketing teams always want to reach more people: for leads, conversion rates, and ROI. Digitizing print ads involves simple. Consider including a coupon code or QR code on your print advertising.

Your print materials now allow trackable responses (if you digitize). This combination gives you valuable insights into what engages your target market. Use this information to explore future digital print solutions.

2. Keep It Local

When printing ads, your digital printing needs to connect with people. If not, your pamphlets, flyers, and postcards end up as wasted investments. For more effective print ads, target the consumers next door.

No matter your business industry, location-specific advertising is more effective than not. Whether you’re promoting an event, announcing a new sale, or running for office, local ads work best. Integrating offline and online printing helps track ad effectiveness even more.

For example, if a campaigning politician could use t-shirt advertising for a specific area. If the shirt included a digital call to action, the campaign team could learn how impactful their efforts were. The same goes for any kind of digital print ad that keeps it local.

3. Embellish Your Print Advertising

If your company went through a rebranding recently. It would be best if you celebrated that in your marketing efforts. Today’s digital screen printing comes with all sorts of special touches to help your company stand out.

Consider Team Concepts Printing special effects and finishes. They offer embossment, metal foiling, painted edges, and cutting edge digital embellishments. These details can take your ads to another level.

Don’t Stop With These Digital Printing Ideas

If you still feel stuck with your next digital printing campaign, there are several other ideas to explore. We hope these creative tips supercharge your next project and any future ad campaigns.

Your print ad needs don’t stop here. Instead, explore ways to optimize your ad campaigns for the future. Discover the latest design elements to keep your content outstanding.

Don’t be afraid to learn more about how to print digital art or other printing solutions. Please explore the rest of our content to find other ways to elevate your marketing today.