Rep. Don Young Switches Parties After Insulting High School Students

Anchorage, Alaska – Don Young, 81, as of recently a former member of the Republican Party, allegedly wasn’t capable of withstanding criticism from his fellow Alaskans after insulting high school students with talk about gays and suicide, which is why he decided to switch over to the Democrats. What’s more confusing is the fact the decision was not forced on him by his (former) party colleagues.

“Wasilla, Alaska was the scene of the event, when, during a presentation held by Young, a teacher asked him to convey his view on suicide. Apparently, Young had no idea that only days before his presentation, a young student took his own life, which had affected the staff and students severely.

“Young compared gay marriage to “two bulls having sex”, as well as stating that “lack of support from family and friends are often reasons for suicide”, which angered the deceased boy’s friends and teachers.

In the aftermath of the incident, “Young, who has represented Alaska in the Senate for almost 40 years, was severely criticized for his actions and words. The pressure was, apparently, too great for him to maintain his current position.

“Aah, you know how it is; you keep it straight and by-the-book for 40 years and no one even pats you on the shoulder. Then, you say one bad thing accidentally, and the entire country is calling you “insensitive” and “homophobic”. So, I figured, I’ll switch parties for a while, let the dust settle, and head on back when things calm down. The “Idiots” have always been good at laying low, so they should work just fine for me, temporarily, at least”, Young colorfully stated.

The GOP is known for having a “sharp tongue”, and its representatives point that out both theoretically and practically. As for Young, he’ll just have to settle for being “blue”…for a while, at least.