Donald Trump Jr. Claims Quebec Shooter Was Muslim Because “Christians Aren’t Allowed To Kill”

Donald Trump Jr. liked a post on Twitter extolling the “tremendous spike in political capital” his father, President Donald Trump, will receive once “it’s revealed that the Quebec shooting terrorists are Muslims.” The original tweet was posted Monday by John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer and syndicated radio host, who incorrectly posited that the attacker was a Muslim. In fact, 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette, the lone suspect in the attack that left six people dead and eight wounded Sunday night, is an anti-Muslim, far-right Trump supporter. Carillo’s tweet links the Sunday night Mosque massacre to Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries.

However, in a Tuesday interview with The New York Times, the president’s eldest son argued that the shooter in the Quebec massacre was, in fact, Muslim and that Bissonnette is “being framed.” “I can certainly understand why this is all happening – after all, the political climate is ideal for trying to frame a terrorist attack on a non-Muslim,” Trump Jr. said. He also added that his father’s executive order restricting immigration “was not aimed at Muslims,” but that “unfortunately, that’s what it’s being mistaken for worldwide, and especially in the Middle East.” “As a result, a man is being framed for something he didn’t do. And it’s up to us to shine some light on the matter and make sure that the real culprits are revealed and then punished,” he also said.

Asked to elaborate on whether he has proof that would corroborate his theory in any way, Trump Jr. argued that he’s “sure of it,” because “Christians just aren’t allowed to kill anyone.” “So, you see, it must be that the shooter was a Muslim,” he added. “More precisely – Christians are not allowed to murder anyone. Killing in self-defense and a few other instances is probably okay, though I’m not a man of the church, nor am I a connoisseur when it comes to the Bible, so I can’t really specify what is and isn’t considered a righteous kill, so to speak. But the whole murder thing – yeah, that I’m pretty sure of.”

“On the other hand, if you look at the Muslim world and the Quran, they’ve got the Jihad, the Holy War or whatever it is they’re calling it. So, it’s literally written in their holy scripture that they’re supposed to go after and persecute and murder so-called ‘infidels,’ which is to say non-Muslim individuals,” he asserted. “So, on one hand, you’ve got Christians who are, by default, a peaceful bunch; the whole ‘turn the other cheek’ philosophy and all that. On the other, you’ve got a religion that’s based on exterminating those who don’t agree with it, and they’ve got those orders in writing. How does it happen, then, that the Quebec shooting, which, by the way, happened at a Mosque – a Muslim house of prayer – is being blamed on a non-Muslim?”

“Even a blind person can see that this is a setup, I mean, there are so many movies out there with a similar plot that it’s becoming ridiculous. We ought to be better than this, smarter than this. There is no way in hell the shooter wasn’t Muslim, I’d be willing to stake my life on it. Just take a look at what’s going on in our country for a moment – it’s been almost two weeks since my dad was inaugurated and there haven’t been any racial or religious murders, not one in the whole country. And you want to tell me that has nothing to do with the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, who advocated bringing in more Muslims to America, is no longer president? Come on,” Trump Jr. concluded.