Donald Trump Jr.: “Deep Down, All Women Love It When A Man Treats Them Like What They Really Are”

The Trump brothers have come to their father’s defense this week over the disturbing sexual assault allegations that have surfaced. Eric Trump, defending his dad’s conversation with Billy Bush on Monday, chalked it up to his “alpha” personality. On Thursday, Donald Jr. dismissed Trump’s conversation as something that “makes him a human,” adding, “I think it makes him a normal person not a political robot,” CNN reports. On Wednesday night, the New York Times published a report about two women who alleged that Donald Trump had groped them.

Donald Jr. also argued that “nobody has the right” to talk trash about his father “until they’re in a position where they’ve accomplished everything he has.” “Then and only then will they be adequately equipped to be on par with my dad, who, by the way, is at the moment running for President of the United States, in case anyone has forgotten. So, there’s also that small, tiny thing you’ll have to do better than him if you want to criticize,” he said. “Until then, I don’t care who you are or what you are – you don’t get to talk down those who are more successful than you. Period.”

Trump Junior also went on to claim that, according to his vast experience with the opposite sex, “women tend to love when a man is an alpha male in the true sense of the word,” as well as “when he treats them according to what they really are.” When asked to elaborate, he said that there’s no need to point out the obvious, adding, “I’m not being sexist, bigoted or misogynist, but at the end of the day, we need to call it like it is. Men are men for a reason, and the same goes for women. Equality of the sexes aside, they like what we have to give them and we also love to take it. I hope I’m making myself clear enough here.”

Junior then went on a rant about how everybody is conspiring against his father because of jealousy. “Does nobody have a problem with the fact that my dad seems to be the only one who’s got a bulls eye on his back? There are millions of men throughout the country who treat women in the same, alpha-male style that my dad does and nobody seems to have a problem with them. In fact, ask women anywhere, just ask them – they’ll tell you that their ideal guy should be probably something like sensitive, good-looking and most importantly, a real man. And there you have it,” he opined.

“And that’s why so many men around the world, not just here, have trouble understanding what it is that women really want. Because, they’ll say one thing and then pretend like they said something completely different. You know that joke about the guy who was asked by God what his greatest desire in life is? And the guy goes, ‘I’m thinking I’d love to have this ginormous highway that would go around the world and let me travel to whatever place I wanted.’ And God tells him that’s too complicated and that he should ask him for something else. So, the guy goes, ‘Okay, how about granting me the ability to finally understand women?’ And God replies, ‘Yeeeeeah…about that highway, though – would you like it to have 4 lanes or 6?’ You get the picture, hopefully,” Trump Jr. argued.
“The simple truth is – all women secretly want to be spanked, man-handled, objectified and occasionally treated like simple meat. The trouble is, admitting to that publically means they would admit that we were right all along, and they just can’t have that. So they pretend they’re evolved and want respect, when in reality they’ve gone no further than their basic animal insticts. Us guys, on the other hand, we never lied about being anything other than simple creatures. All they have to do is feed us and put out on a regular basis and we’re the happiest beings on the planet,” he concluded.