Duke: “Mr. Trump Promised To Ban Jews From Entering The U.S. And Make America Great Again”

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke lauded Donald Trump’s rise to become the Republican nominee on Wednesday, saying that he had overcome “Jewish supremacists who control” the United States. The notorious white supremacist had previously endorsed Trump and the billionaire construction magnate failed to reject Duke’s approval in February. On his radio show on Wednesday, Duke launched into an anti-Semitic tirade, saying that opposition to Trump showed that Jews are “the real problem” and the “reason why America is not great.”

He said, “And then you’ve got people who are going to go out and defend Jews and who will say, ‘Well, you know, Jews have been an integral part of the American people ever since Revolution.’ And I say that’s not true. America was doing just fine following 1776. Our economy was booming, we were making cotton like crazy, we had plenty of strong, durable workforce because black people made good, hard-working slaves. Not even the Civil War endangered the long-term path of progress this country was on. I mean, we were practically unstoppable.”

“And then came World War II and that’s when the doo-doo hit the fan,” Duke argued. “For example, Albert Einstein was a great scientist, sure, but everybody believes he was agnostic even today. When in fact, the man was as Jewish as they come. And what happened to us? We started taking in tons and tons of Jews who were fleeing all parts of Europe because of Hitler. And sure, that was great for the Third Reich, but it also meant we wound up with millions of Jews we didn’t ask for. That sparked the downfall of this great country.”

Duke also added, “And that is why I support Donald Trump. The man has personally assured me that he will genuinely make America great again. And the way he plans to do that is stop all the refugees you see coming into our country on a daily basis. And I’m not just talking Syrians; I’m referring to everybody who’s not American, including Mexicans, Hindus, Jamaicans, Chinese, every single person who is not born on American soil. And for those of you who are wondering – yes, that also includes the British. We had a hard time driving them out the first time. Well, this time it’s going to be different.”

“When he’s done closing up the borders and building walls, that’s when the real fun is going to start. I am happy to say that I was given rock-solid guarantees by Mr. Trump that he is going to focus his attention on making Christianity the number 1 religion of the United States, as it should be. And that means no more Jews, no more kosher anything, no more synagogues, no more nothing that can be even remotely associated with Judaism. And that could potentially include deporting all the Jews on American soil back to Israel, in addition to banning all further migrations to America from Israel. Though, we’re still discussing that, but it’s definitely an option. Because we have to see where we’re at once we finish deporting all the Mexicans and Kenyans. But, we are close to a decision,” Duke concluded.

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