5 Easy Ways you can use an App to Manage your Gym Studio

Gymcatch is a mobile fitness class booking platform that makes it easy to manage your studio. This booking software enables instructors to professionally and conveniently manage bookings, schedules, payments, and customers. Thus, if you are an instructor or you own a gym studio, it provides you with a simplified online booking system for fitness sessions. You and your clients will, therefore, have an easy time when booking and planning fitness classes.

Why should you use this software?

It is designed for you, your team of instructors, and your clients. It has user-friendly fitness class management software that you can use to manage your bookings, schedules, and payments professionally. The features of the software are designed for health and fitness gym studios. The software will also help you maximize efficiency as it has all the tools required for fitness and health purposes. The following are several ways to manage your gym studio easily with this group fitness management software.

Booking fitness classes for your clients

With the software, you can easily book as many clients as you can. The cost of booking clients is fixed. This means that you are not charged extra fees if the number of your customers’ increases. Also, it is easy to add your staff or cover trainers at your convenience. You can advertise any appointments or team members using the fitness instructor software.

In case you wish to sell your services, several tools are available to aid you in the process. Thus, you can sell digital class credits, blocks, passes, and memberships to your prospective clients. The tools also make client administration easy. Hence, your clients can get through PAR-Qs, waivers, cancellation policies, auto-credit backs, and all the necessary personal information quickly.

Managing your Business Easily

It does not matter what your business model is. This software provides you with tools to manage your business efficiently. The software’s flexibility makes it easy to sell bundles, passes, courses, and even use available discount codes to get promotions. This platform allows users to maximize recurring revenue as well as passes and memberships. All payments made by clients go directly to your processor account. The program does not delay or hold funds. It does not take additional commissions as well.

It is easy to switch from any software you have been using to Gymcatch. This is because the setup takes a few minutes, and the accounts of customers and payments are done within a short period.

Making video content for clients

Some clients may not be able to visit your gym studio because of various personal or work engagements. With the program, it is possible to make on-demand and live-stream video content for such clients. This fitness management software makes it possible for businesses to create video content for customers regardless of the company’s size.

This software provides clients with online services hence making it easy for instructors to maintain and manage all their customers. All the links for the live stream and on-demand video content can be shared and managed usingthis software. It is also possible to update, share, and even auto-generate meetings using Zoom, a tool provided by this impeccable software.

Free fitness class trials

This software also provides users with a free online booking system for fitness class trials. Once the free trial period is over, the payment method is made convenient for users. Businesses can, thus, make their payments on a month-to-month basis. The pricing packages are affordable and straightforward for businesses of all sizes. If you need extra features, you can get them on an additional cost.

There is a referral scheme provided by this booking system that can earn you free months. Thus, if you would like to make your business several free months, you can do so by engaging in the referral scheme that this software provides.

Creating Schedules for clients

It provides efficient fitness scheduling software convenient for all your clients. With this scheduling software, your clients can easily create schedules that are suitable for them. The software can work well on Android, iOS, and your website. Thus, clients can book their online fitness sessions using their mobile phones easily.

Besides, scheduling software makes it easy to create waitlists and reminders. You can maximize the client’s attendance and ensure all the payments have been done using the app.

It is, therefore, the best software to use if you want to maximize your business. From easy booking to creating schedules and managing payments, this software will make your operations seamless for all your clients. Also, the fitness instructor software will help you to choose the best instructors for your clients.

This software provides you with an opportunity to upgrade your business and help it thrive even in harsh economic times. With a convenient, professional, and user-friendly app, you can take your enterprise to another level.