Elisabeth Hasselbeck Diagnosed with Diarrhea of the Mouth

NEW YORK—In what appeared be the latest case of verbal diarrhea on the part of Fox News, “Fox and Friends”co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck proposed re-introducing tests to allow citizens to vote during Monday’s broadcast, in an effort to see “Whether anyone who actually watches this show is listening to a word we say.”

“If you’ll just bear with me a moment, guys, I’d like to perform a little experiment to see how closely the people who watch our show are actually paying attention,” said Hasselbeck. “Should you have to answer the majority of these questions [on a civics test] by the time you vote?…I think, personally, that anything you can do to ensure that our young people, our families, are involved in civics, learning the history of our country is a positive. And, furthermore, how can you go into planning what the generation will do in the future if you’re not prepared and understanding where we have been?…It’s a more meaningful measure when you vote perhaps too.

“Do you think anyone caught that? That I just advocated bringing back tests to vote? The Jim Crow-era mechanism used to disenfranchise black people, did that resonate with any of our viewers out there?” Hasselbeck asked.

“The liberals who monitor our show so they can post gotcha clips on Salon or HuffPo probably picked up on it, but I’m honestly curious if any of our viewers are even listening at this point,” the 37-year-old added. “Is it just like background noise to them at this point?”

Hasselbeck concluded the segment by urging viewers to take up arms against Pancho Villa.


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