Eric Trump: “Hispanics Are Afraid Of My Father Because He’ll Send Them Back To Asia”

Donald Trump’s son Eric touted his father’s support among Hispanics, Buzfeed News reported. “People often talk about Hispanics,” Eric Trump said earlier this week on Irish radio’s RTE Radio1’s “Drivetime.” “You know, I have more Hispanics come up to me telling me, ‘Listen, I can’t wait for your father to be president. He’s going to bring jobs back to the United States. He’s going to end the nonsense. He’s going to create good trade deals. He’s going to create better education. He’s going to create a better family structure.’”

But, surprisingly, that’s when he said, “And you know something? I’m surprised that they actually think I believe a word that comes out of their illegal immigrant mouth. I mean, it’s my job to be polite and not cause any problems for my dad, because he’s got his hands full and all that. But, it’s very difficult to stand there and listen to thousands of Latin people suck up to you when you know that they hate both you and your father to the core. Being in politics takes a lot of thick skin, I’ll tell you that.”

“And what’s funny to me is, they actually think I’m that stupid. Like, they’ll say all these nice things about my dad, and in reality, they couldn’t be more scared of him. I know that there’s this stereotype concerning rich kids, how we’re all stupid and idiots and how all we’re ever good for is shopping and spending money on stupid things. But they should really do some homework before talking to me about anything, and they’ll quickly learn that’s not the case,” he added.

Trump Junior continued, “Like, for instance, I was very good at geography when I was in school. But, they don’t know that. And that’s just another example of how lazy the Hispanics are as a race. And the main reason why they’re so afraid of my dad is he’s going to deport them back to Asia when he wins the election. It’s a well-known fact that fear makes people to crazy things. It’s made them come and try to suck up to me so I’d help them get in my dad’s good graces. Yeah, good luck with that.”

“My father is not a stupid man, and I can tell you he didn’t father a stupid son, either,” Eric Trump added. “And when he does deport all these lazy Hispanics back to Asia where they came from, he’ll be doing that for two reasons. The first one is obvious – we don’t need lazy people in this country. The second is that’s part of his plan of taking back American jobs from China. That’s why he’ll send most of the Hispanics back to the Chinese capital of Bangkok, which is where most American jobs are located at the moment.”

“And to the Chinese President, Mr. Ho Chi Minh, I’d like to say – get ready, Sir. You’re about to get a fierce opponent in the American corner of the ring. We’ll see how you’ll do against a heavy-weight like Donald Trump,” Trump Junior concluded.

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