Ex-Gov. McCrory Whines: “Pedophile Democrats Killed My Career Over My Children-Saving Bathroom Bill”

Pat McCrory, the former Republican governor of North Carolina, has had trouble finding work ever since he was ousted from his job this past November. In an interview with the Raleigh News & Observer, McCrory complained that his decision to champion HB2 – the infamous “bathroom bill” that banned transgender people from using the bathrooms of their choice – was hurting his career prospects. “People are reluctant to hire me, because, ‘oh my gosh, he’s a bigot,’” McCrory explained to the newspaper. “Which is the last thing I am.” He said that while he’s been considered for part-time teaching positions at some universities, campuses have been reluctant to hire him over fears that he might spark a backlash among students, who would then respond with disruptive protests.

“Far be it for me to feel sorry for myself, but at the end of the day, that’s kind of the only thing you’re left with after a situation in which you’re purged for something as harmless as political thought,” McCrory added. “My intention when I supported HB2 was to make sure it would save children from attackers like pedophiles, who use toilets to prey on young boys and girls. In no way did I cheer it on simply because I hate transgender children or however they’re called these days. I did what I did for a noble cause and anyone who says otherwise is either lying their behind off, or is a Democrat. Or, shall I say – pedophile Democrat, since they obviously thought one man’s career is nothing compared to things like Hillary Clinton’s Pizzagate.”

He continued, “While we’re on the subject, it continues to elude me how people in this country have no problem going out and voting for someone like Hillary Clinton to be their president when they know of all the things she’s done and all the things she’s involved in, namely the Benghazi scandal and accepting Saudi lobby money, in addition to the aforementioned child-sex ring. Because, we’re talking here about a group of people – a political party, mind you – who obviously have no trouble whatsoever destroying a man’s livelihood and breadwinning ability just because he tried to do something good that just so happens to have gone against their foul interests.”

“And then they have the nerve to go out on national television and make claims about how HB2 supposedly cost North Carolina hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue,” the former governor added. “I’ll tell you what they’re really talking about, they’re really talking about the fact that my support to that bill caused them to lose money on the sex-trafficking of innocent children, which is the real reason why they got me ousted. After the bill was passed, they were no longer able to prey on kids in whatever bathrooms they wanted, and I cost them a lot of money. Unfortunately, they got it all back pretty quick, since they’ve got lobbyists left and right pouring money into their cause – most notably ISIS and Saudi oil money – so I guess poor old me was just a minor setback as far as they were concerned.”

“In retrospect, it was well worth it, in spite the fact that I can now barely survive. Because, I’ll tell you something else: I might as well starve to death, it won’t matter. I’m already full just from thinking about how many innocent children are able to continue living normal lives today instead of being half way around the world somewhere, serving as transgender sex slaves. The Democrats can say what they want; I’m proud of what I’ve done,” McCrory concluded.