Exploitative Beauty Pageant Dethrones Beauty Queen for Making Exploitative Video

WILMINGTON, Del. – The board of the Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageant has forced the resignation of Miss Teen Delaware, Melissa King, after it was revealed that Ms. King willingly partook in a pornographic internet video that exploited her attractiveness without their approval.

After word of the video, in which the legally adult Ms. King has consensual sex with an adult partner, leaked, MTUSA took swift action.

“She’s supposed to be a role model” said Miss Teen USA Appearance Coordinator Elaine Paolo. “What kind of message does it send when Ms. King does what she wants with her body, with whom she chooses?”

“Participants in Miss Teen USA are not just pretty faces” she added.  “They’re pretty faces who do what we want, when we tell them.”

Tristan St. Cyr, senior writer at Beauty Queen Today magazine, was less outraged by the explicit sexual nature of the video than by the one-dimensional tone of the piece.  “All she does if perform sexual acts on an anonymous man.  Where’s the gown showcase?  Where’s the talent demonstration?  Would it have killed her to do a tap dance, or play the spoons?  Instead we go right into fellatio.  And don’t get started on the banter at the beginning.  It was all “you’re definitely 18, right?”  Nothing about what she would do to prevent bullying.”

The organizers of the Miss Universe pageant, under whose auspices Miss Teen USA operates, plan on putting forth clearer guidelines as to when and where their beauty queens may put their bodies on display for public consumption.  “Miss Universe contestants are the most beautiful, A-1, classiest ladies not just on planet Earth, but – as the name suggests – all the Universe.  From Mercury to Uranus and beyond” said Miss Universe president Donald Trump.  “Therefore, it is imperative for them to know that it is unhealthy to have strangers ogle you unless it is done with the express written consent of the Trump Organization.”

For her part, Ms. King released a statement apologizing to her many fans.  “I’m deeply sorry I engaged in an act for money that exploited my body and good looks.  I’ve learned my lesson and will never ever subject myself to beauty pageants again.”