8 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Storage Unit

Moving out of your home or apartment for short durations means that you need a space to store all your things. Trusting a friend or a relative with your things can be a good option but this does not assure that your things will stay safe and protected. Sometimes, it can also be a burden to your loved ones.

The solution to this problem is storage and warehousing facilities. The storage facilities can help you store your things in a secured place at cheap costs. This way you can be assured that your things are in safe hands and will be delivered to you in the same manner as you left them.

From your furniture to clothes, electronics and your vehicles, there is nothing that you cannot store in these facilities. You can get a storage room at an affordable cost and put your things there for as long as you want. To know more about how storage facilities work, click here.

8 Important Factors to Consider

Storage facilities are lifesavers for a lot of us to keep our goods safe. However, for this to happen, we need to consider various factors before signing the lease to one of these services. Here is a list of 8 points that you should consider while picking a storage unit.

  • Size of The Storage Unit

The size of the storage unit is the first consideration to make. Measure everything that you need to store from the height to length and determine how much space your things will occupy. Some furniture can take up more space than other things. Different facilities provide different unit sizes.

It can be a little difficult to exactly know how much space you need, getting an estimate from the staff can always be helpful. Always pick the size that leaves out some space for you to move around in the space.

  • Check The Location and Accessibility

Location of the unit from your residence is also important. You want to be able to reach the place easily from your home so that you can pick and drop things. So, make sure to check how far the storage facility is from your place and how easily you can access their services. Another factor you need to consider is how you can enter the facility. Whether or not they provide 24-hour access or they have a specific time where you can access your assigned unit.

  • Know All The Facilities

Everyone has different needs when it comes to storage. Hence, you should find a facility that fulfils your requirements. If you are storing something that can get withered by high or low temperatures such as furniture or electronic instruments, make sure to check whether the storage facility provides climate control services. Additionally, you need to know if they offer door-to-door pickup and drop for your goods.

There are also mobile containers that you might need in case you have a lot of things that can not be personally delivered to the unit. Formulate a list of all the things that you need and then cross-check them with the facility. To know more about the features of a self-storage facility, check this link: https://medium.com/union-realtime/what-is-a-self-storage-facility-42592f9cbfbb

  • Check The Security Measures

Security should be the biggest factor in determining whether or not you choose self-storage services. The security should comprise of technology and people. The facility should have staff always stationed near the unit and should also have cameras for video surveillance. See whether they have electronic locks or just keys to access the premises.

  • Ask About Insurance

The storage company should cover the cost of any damage that happens to your goods. Insurance should be mentioned in the contract and make sure that you read the terms carefully. Most of the trustworthy companies provide insurance coverage for damage. If a company does not provide insurance, you should not rely on their services.

  • Compare The Cost

Find the options that are most suitable for your budget after taking all of the above factors into account. Always remember that more services and higher security will cost you more than the normal storage units. You can also ask the company to quote you a price for the duration you want to keep your belongings in their facility.

  • Read The Reviews

Make sure you ask around and read reviews about the business online. Do not trust their website but find out independent forums that can give you a better insight into the pros and cons. You can also ask the company to provide you with some referrals of the past clients and contact them through the phone.

  • Visit The Facility Personally

Always make your decision once you have visited the facility personally. This way you can see the size of the unit, check the security and accessibility. You can also take a look at their features and ask them for referrals.

How To Pack Your Things For A Storage Unit?

Storage Unit

Once you have selected your unit, you need to pack your things in a way that they can be kept there for a long time. The first step is to make sure that you only store essentials. Anything extra, that you don’t need should be kept aside and thrown away or donated. Also, make sure you use durable packing materials.

Sturdy boxes, bubble wrap and tapes should be used to keep the things as protected as possible. Make sure you dry out any moisture from your things before storing them in the boxes. Most companies send storage containers for you to transfer your things. Make sure that you have an inventory of everything you put in these containers.

Also mark everything clearly so that when you want them, you don’t have to open every box. Lastly, when organizing your storage unit, always keep the things that you need more frequently in the front and the rest at the back.

So, pack your things carefully and deliver them to the best storage facility and be sure that your goods are in safe hands.