Famous Actor Comes Out as Straight

LOS ANGELES — Actor Damian Lewis, star of the popular TV show Homeland, has shocked Hollywood and officially come out as straight. The actor made his announcement Friday morning to a puzzled audience of friends, family and reporters. While most viewers know the actor only as his Homeland character Nicholas Brody, those close to Lewis have known about his heterosexuality for decades.

When asked why he decided to make the announcement, since no one had suspected him of being a homosexual, Lewis said, “I needed to get it off my chest. I had to let people know the truth about my sexuality, no matter the potential cost to my career. As more and more of my fellow actors and actresses came out as gay, I realized I had an obligation to come out as straight. Hopefully I can be an inspiration to other straight people in Hollywood. It’s OK not to be gay.”

When Entertainment Tonight host Steve Edwards pointed out that Mr. Lewis is widely known to have a wife and two kids, the straight Homeland star was unapologetic.

“It’s true. I have a wife and children. I’m not ashamed of that. They are as important to me as any life partner and adopted child or child from a surrogate mother could ever be.”

Lewis went on to explain that he feels his sexual orientation is perfectly normal and that he hopes his announcement would put the matter to rest once and for all. “The way I see it, the whole world is your closet,” he said. His choice of words led to a number of outlets to question whether or not Mr. Lewis was, in fact, gay after all.