FAQ’s for Grab Rails


Having independence in the bathroom can be essential for vulnerable people, such as the elderly, disabled, mobility restricted and vision-impaired, to maintain their self-esteem. With the help of bath aids, this can be done in a way that doesn’t put vulnerable individuals at risk. Grab rails are one of the essential aids that should be installed into the bathrooms of users who need help lowering themselves onto the toilet, lifting themselves up, or need help remaining stable.

What is a grab rail?

Grab rails are safety aids that can be installed on various walls throughout the bathroom to support users and prevent slips and possible injury. They allow something sturdy for unstable users to hold when navigating the bathroom, providing extra support in an area that can be quite risky.

Who can use a grab rail?

Vulnerable users can benefit from grab rails in various ways. Depending on an individual’s vulnerability, different types of grab rails are available. Disabled, elderly, mobility restricted, and vision-impaired people may all benefit from different styles of grab rails.

What are the features of grab rails?

Grab rails come in various different shapes, sizes, lengths, and designs. Evekare’s range includes a range of angled rails, rails with added functionality such as towel racks and shelves, LED-lit rails, and different installation methods. Each type of grab rail is suited to a specific need, and there is a style in the Evekare range to suit everyone.

What are the different kinds of grab rails?

  • LED grab rails: LED grab rails provide support to users navigating their bathroom spaces. This particular style has LED lights which are either motion or sound activated. This means that users who are vision-impaired can safely maneuver the bathroom independently at any time.They are available in a range of lengths and finishes to fit any styling requirements and can support up to 200kg of weight.
  • Concealed flange grab rail: Concealed flange grab rails curve into the wall that they’re installed onto. This means that the user cannot injure themselves if they happen to bump into the aid. Similar to the Evekare LED grab rail range, the concealed flange grab rails come in a range of lengths and finishes to suit any existing bathroom.
  • Angled grab rails: Angled grab rails can help individuals navigate risky movements in their bathrooms independently. Different angles can provide support to move forward on slippery surfaces, or to aid in the lowering and lifting of oneself from the toilet. These rails support up to 100kg of weight – which may need to be taken into consideration when purchasing.
  • Grab rails with added functionality: Evekare’s range includes rails that serve more than one purpose, to ensure that the safety aids seamlessly blend into the bathroom environment – something that may need to be considered if the user is sharing the bathroom with non-vulnerable users.This range includes grab rails with a towel rack addition, a toilet paper holder, and shower shelves.
  • ABS grab rail: Evekare’s range of grab rails come in a range of finishes – the ABS grab rail is made of a white plastic that provides a textured grip area to maximise security and stability for the user. This style can be installed vertically, or horizontally, and can support up to 100kg of weight.
  • Modular grab rail: This style of grab rail can be installed in various different formations to create the perfect custom angle to suit a user’s needs exactly. The modular grab rail offered by Evekare is constructed with durable polypropylene and can support up to 100kg of weight.
  • Suction support rail: Suction support rails can be installed onto any flat, non-porous surface. What makes this particular rail unique is that it can be installed with just suction, rather than it has to be screwed into the wall like other grab rails. This style is excellent for the user’s who may need to move their support aid around the bathroom, or have multiple areas with a rail. These rails aren’t suitable to support a user’s entire body weight.

What do I need to consider before purchasing a grab rail?

  • A user’s unique needs and what would meet the best – for example, an LED light grab rail would be best suited to a user who is vision-impaired.
  • A user’s existing space. Evekare’s range includes various different styles of grab rails to suit the aesthetic environment of any existing bathroom.
  • A user’s weight. Most grab rails can support up to 200kg, however, some can only support 100kg, and with suction grab rails, it can be even less. Depending on the level of stability a user requires, the weight restrictions will need to be taken into consideration.

How are grab rails installed?

This is dependent on the style of grab rail that is purchased. Screw-in grab rails – as the name suggests – are screwed into the wall, and often provide a higher level of support. This can sometimes mean that a professional needs to install this style to ensure that the integrity of the aid is maintained. Suction grab rails are of course different – they attach to the wall with suction, and can often only support a portion of the user’s weight. They are, however, easier to install and move if need be.