Far-Right Activists Threat To “Move To Russia If Same Sex Marriage Ruling Is Not Reversed Within 90 Days”

No one was surprised recently when Donald Trump boasted about the kind words he received from Vladimir Putin, even playing down the Russian president’s record of persecuting journalists and dissidents. “He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader,” Trump told Joe Scarborough. “You know, unlike what we have in this country.” Trump has been heaping praise on Putin throughout his presidential campaign, even insisting that he met the Russian president when they appeared in the same 60 Minutes segment.

Soon after the exchange of compliments between Trump and Putin, far-right activists took to social networks, proclaiming an ultimatum that they’ll “pack our bags and leave our homeland for good if the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling is not reversed within 90 days. Russia seems like a much more welcoming country for Christians who oppose all things LGBT than the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave.’”

Starting with Facebook and then working their way across several other social networks, including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, the activists said they shared the statement “in an effort to turn the attention of the public to the fact that the burning issue of same-sex marriage is already becoming unnoticeable and as accepted as if it were an insignificant headline in a weekly tabloid.” They added that “kids who are born today will grow up believing that gay marriages are OK, and that is more devastating than believing that black people are intellectually equal to white people.”

“Things have become so deviant in the everyday life of a typical white Christian family in this country, that we have seriously started to empty our savings accounts and borrow money from friends and family to buy plane tickets and food supplies for Russia. We are well aware of the political situation in that part of the world, just as we’re aware of the history between our two countries. However, today, in this time, we actually believe we are safer and will be able to have a more normal life in Russia than in this God-forsaken part of the world where Lucifer has begun to form his armies of sodomites,” one activist, who requested anonymity, stated.

Asked whether the situation was indeed so dire that it required Americans to emigrate to Russia, another activist said: “Well, I don’t know about you, but if you want your son to learn that it’s okay to have anal sex with another man and not go to church because God doesn’t exist, then you’re free to stay here. As for me, as for all of us who are disgusted by everything Obama and the liberals have done to this country, and who admire everything Putin is doing to his, we’re just praying that God sends us enough money to be able to buy one-way tickets to Russia as soon as possible so we could get the hell out of here. That is, if the situation doesn’t miraculously change in 90 days.”

“And another thing,” a third person from the group interjected, saying, “when we leave, when all of us who have been burned by the gay lobby leave, the only ones left in America will be gays, black people and Mexicans. White Christians comprise almost 50% of America’s population. On the other hand, Russia will be getting a huge boost in demographics, and I can say we’re proud of the contribution we’ll be making to President Putin’s fight against all things unholy in this world. I guess he was right about America after all.”