Fidel Castro Hires PR Firm to Prove He is More Likeable than Congress

HAVANA, Cuba — Determined to become more popular than the United States Congress, former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has hired top PR firm Edelman to help show the American people that he is cooler than their own politicians.

In a national poll by Public Policy Polling, United States Congress was voted less popular than cockroaches, traffic jams, and the band Nickelback. However, in a head to head poll, Congress still proved to be more popular than Fidel Castro.

“We have talked to numerous Americans who are open to liking Fidel Castro. They just need to get to know him better,” said Edelman COO Matthew Harrington. “We just need to show Americans the real Fidel.”

Edelman has already set up various social media pages for the former dictator, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. Harrington feels that the added exposure will immediately make Castro more popular.

Castro is using Pinterest to pin pictures of his favorite communist-themed memes, as well as his favorite Cuban home decor. Castro also uses his Twitter account to mock Congress and their members. Castro tweeted the following about House Speaker John Boehner: “Do you think John Boehner cried when he saw Promised Land? I bet he did. #manbaby #alwayscrying”

Only time will tell if Edelman’s influence will help, but Castro is sure he can become more likeable than Congress.

“I know if the American people get to know me a little better they will like me a lot more than Congress,” explained Castro. “I am excited to announce that I just started my official Facebook fan page two days ago and I already have more ‘Likes’ than Congress.”

No members of Congress were available to speak, as they were reportedly busy making themselves less likeable.