Fischer: “Immigrants Welcome If They Convert To Christianity, Mexicans Already Christian So We Can Deport Them Back”

On his radio program recently, Bryan Fischer once again made his case that America’s immigration policy ought to require all immigrants to convert to Christianity and adopt Christian morals, holidays and heroes. “Strangers are welcome here in the United States under one condition,” he explained, “that they be willing to assimilate completely into American culture. That they be willing to adopt our God, that they be willing to adopt our Judeo-Christian heritage…adopt our Christian holidays…don’t expect us to make room for your holidays.”

“We will expect you to adopt our Christian moral values,” he continued. “No place, no room for Sharia law in the United States. You’ll be welcome here, we’ll open our arms to you, we’ll open our hearts to you, we’ll open our communities to you, but we will expect you to adopt our cultural and Christian moral standards. We will expect you to adopt our Christian heroes and we will expect you to adopt our Christian history.”

However, the radio host does not seem to be as welcoming and forthcoming to Mexican immigrants as he is to ones fleeing war-torn Syria. “On the other hand, I do not see a reason why illegal aliens from Mexico should be allowed to stay in this country. They are already Christian and we have no quarrel with them in that issue. Converting Muslims into Christianity is fun, messing around with other Christians, not so much.”

“In fact, we ought to deport every last Mexican immigrant back to their country in order to make room for the oncoming Middle Eastern refugees. We are a big country and all, but I don’t think we should risk overpopulating America. And seeing how we are a country where Christianity is the predominant religion, we have a part to play in the ever-changing world order. That part is the part of a Christian missionary that aims to convert all non-believers into Disciples of Christ,” Fischer opined.

He added: “Mexicans are already Christian, they’re born that way and in that respect they’re similar to us. But, like I said, that’s no fun. But converting Muslims? Oh, that’s a joyous occasion. My favorite part is when they get baptized. It’s like their dark skin color suddenly washes away and they shed the filth of Islam from their bodies. The Christ does light up the human soul and body, without a doubt.”

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