Linda Harvey Warns: “Dark Future Ahead, Women Will Be Jailed, Forced To Pregnancy And Then Abortion”

“Mission America’s Linda Harvey stopped by the radio program hosted by Cleveland Right to Life’s Molly Smith last week, where the two warned that God’s judgment is already beginning to befall America thanks to gay pride parades and Planned Parenthood. Smith told Harvey about a recent promotional video put out by the Cuyahoga County GOP that features some vaguely rainbow colors in the background, which she found “very upsetting,” along with the failure of Republican leaders in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

““Well, you know, and many people would say that the signs are all there that we are reaping some of God’s judgment,” Harvey agreed. “I believe that the fact that we are being shown in no uncertain terms what abortion is all about, what homosexuality is all about – they’re parading down our streets, we have hundreds of thousands of people that come to the Columbus gay pride parade, and you can see what they’re parading, it’s horrendous. And the Boy Scouts are now on board with this and they’re in these parades.”

“And the worst part is – it’s not going to get any better. Where we’re headed right now, it’s only going to get darker and darker,” she warned. “Next thing you know, we’re going to have the LGBT and abortion lobby so strong that the public opinion is going to shift in their favor. And that’s when the real sh*t is going to hit the fan.”

Harvey added that the “all-but-public battle against women and traditional marriage” has really started to take its toll: “I’m not even sure if women will be allowed to walk freely in public in the future. We’re going to end up in jails across the country, it’ll be like World War II concentration camps, only this time, instead of Jews, they’ll be full of women and girls.”

“And then, they’re going to get us all pregnant, well, the ones who are still capable of that, anyway, and once they’ve done that, they’re going to make us get abortions, just to gloat. I’m afraid it’s going to look and feel like we’re in some sort of alternate reality, except we won’t be – it’s all going to be real and if current events are any indication, it’s all going to happen very soon. We’ll basically be turned into livestock, and it won’t have anything to do with the milk in our jugs.”

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