Former GOP Senator Claims That “Media’s Attempt To Humanize The Obamas Is Fake News”

CNN host Carol Costello on Wednesday hammered former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), who now works at the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. During an interview DeMint accused Obamacare of being “unworkable and unaffordable,” with a chance of destabilizing the market. He said he was encouraged by the GOP’s efforts to repeal the law and ensure health care was “available to every American.” “So, how do you take care of people much better than they’re taken care of now? How can everybody be covered, and Donald Trump added that the government would pay for that?” Costello asked. DeMint struggled to answer. “Well, we know that you can – we never needed a new health care system. We needed to make it more affordable and available,” he said, before bashing the law again.

“Look, bottom line,” he tried to swerve his way out of the topic and into a rhetoric he was obviously much more comfortable with, “the fact to the matter is, not only is Obamacare not perfect – the main problem that millions of Americans are going to have and, indeed, are experiencing right now with the system is that it’s not even good enough. But, if you look at the bigger picture here, and I’ve noticed this just recently, ever since Donald Trump won the election, the media has been going on and on about how Obamacare – and not just that – how every single executive order signed by President Obama was ‘not too bad.’ And correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s miles away from what was being said in the media before the election. And even you, Carol, have to admit that that’s incredibly hypocritical.”

He also said, “What we’re witnessing today as a country, all of us who own a television set or have Internet access, is the fact that the mainstream media, which has up until yesterday attempted to rip Obama a new one any and every chance it got, has, in fact, done a 180 since the presidential election last November. Not only are they not doing the same right now, but anybody who’s got a pair of functioning eyeballs and maybe one entirely functioning ear can see and hear that a massive humanization process is well underway when it comes to Barack and Michelle Obama. So, please don’t take it the wrong way, Carol, when I talk trash about Obamacare. I’m not just doing it because the system is bad and should be changed; I’m also aggravated that I have to stand here and defend myself in front of you, who have up until recently done the very same thing I’m doing today.” He also added, “Though, the difference is – at least I’m man enough to keep doing it continuously, unlike you.”

“So, not only will I continue to trash Obamacare every chance I get, but I will also openly say that attempting to sell to the American public the idiotic fact that Barack and Michelle Obama have regular rights like normal, white people is not only incredibly brazen – it’s the epitome of fake news. In fact, if you pick up a dictionary and look under ‘fake news’ – that’s exactly where you’ll find what’s going on with the former presidential couple right now,” DeMint went on the offensive. “Furthermore, not only is the media attempting to falsely humanize them; they should, in fact, be jailed for what they have done to this country during the past eight years. And in case anyone out there feels that’s too harsh of a punishment, then they should at the very least be deported back to Africa, to Kenya, because that’s where gorillas really belong. Civilization is just not cut out for them – they don’t do well in it. The state in which we find America today is a solid testament to that,” he concluded.