Fox News Issue Their Reaction on Obama’s ISIS Strategy Prior to Obama’s Wednesday Announcement

WASHINGTON — President Obama will address the nation tomorrow at 9:00 pm with a plan for combating ISIS, the White House announced today.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that Obama will lay out a strategy for “degrading and ultimately destroying the terrorist group.” The president’s pending address follows the slaughter of American journalists Stephen Sotloff and James Foley by an ISIS militant.

Although further specifics of the plan remain entirely unknown to the public, Fox News has already leveled a series of attacks against the administration’s ISIS strategy, calling it “too vague to work,” “opaque,” and “virtually nonexistent.”

Fox News Host Bill O’ Reilly stated on his program Monday, “This week Mr. Obama will make yet another speech about how he will finally confront the ISIS threat. Now, here’s my question, Mr. Obama: How exactly do you expect this strategy to work?”

Continued O’Reilly in the later half of the program, “Anybody in their right mind can find the insurmountable flaws latent in President Obama’s proposed strategy against ISIS, even those of us who haven’t yet heard the proposed strategy.”

Mr. Obama’s speech also comes as a reaction to John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s op-ed piece “Stop Dithering, Confront ISIS,” published by The New York Times last week, which Fox News host Gretchen Carlson today called “the most authoritative criticism of ideas President Obama hasn’t even thought of yet.”