Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Admitted into Psychiatric Ward

NEW YORK – Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been admitted to an undisclosed psychiatric ward at a New York area hospital, according to family and friends. Kelly—a long-serving daytime host at Fox News—was forcibly admitted earlier this week after she argued on live TV that Santa Claus “is white,” and should therefore never be depicted as any other race.

Doctors who have examined the anchor say that Kelly—who joined the Fox News team in 2004 and currently hosts “The Kelly File”—is suffering from “bizarre delusions” and “obsessiveness.”

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On Wednesday, Kelly used a portion of her show to attack a recent article that argued Santa Claus needn’t always be portrayed as a white man, since children of color often feel left out. “For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white,” Kelly said. “But this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa. But Santa is what he is.”

Doctors say that “only someone very deranged would argue about a make-believe character’s race,” and Bass believes that Kelly will need months of close psychiatric attention in order to get better.

“We’re not just dealing with the Santa Claus delusion,” Dr. Bass explained. “Megyn also called it a ‘verifiable fact’ that ‘Jesus was a white man, too.’ Now, most people who aren’t crazy know that Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew, which isn’t exactly WASP, so you can see how troubled Ms. Kelly’s mind has become.”

A family member told Newslo that those closest to her have worried about Kelly’s mental health for some time. “Not too long ago, our Meggy went on Fox and said that pepper spray is ‘a derivative of actual pepper, a food product, essentially.’ That’s when we knew she had lost her grip on reality, but this whole ‘Santa-Claus-was-a-white-dude’ obsession made it clear to us that she needed professional help.”

Fox News producers say that Kelly’s “insane ideas” were what made her an “effective Fox News host.” “It’ll be tough filling her shoes while she’s gone,” said one producer, “and let’s hope the doctors don’t heal her too well. We’d hate to see her leave cable news for good.”

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