Franklin Graham: “NY Bombing Is God’s Way Of Intervening Just In Time To Save America From Hillary”

Evangelist Franklin Graham responded to explosions in New York City and New Jersey and a stabbing incident at a Minnesota mall, saying the next president “needs to be someone who is tough on terrorism.” “One thing is for sure – our next president needs to be someone who is tough on terrorism,” Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wrote in a Facebook post Sunday, hours before another device exploded while a bomb squad robot was examining a suspicious package near an Elizabeth transit station, N.J.

In an interview with Fox News, Graham was asked to comment on his Facebook post, which he did in his own, unique style. The evangelist argued that the New York City bombing was “a sign from God” that America should stop denouncing Him, and also mentioned Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “Some would say that this is God’s way of intervening just in time to save the United States of America from Hillary Clinton’s imminent terror. I would also say that,” he added.

“If you look back at the history of the world and the history of mankind in this world, you’ll notice that God interacted with man on several occasions. Each time, it was for the purpose of either warning him or wiping the slate clean for a new start. And the New York City bombing can be interpreted as the former,” Graham said. “Now, for this to happen, you need to understand the depths to which we have fallen, along with our existence as a species. In other words, if God chose bombs as his means of communication, it goes to show how disappointed he is with us.”

Graham also added, however, that we’d be wise to listen to “what He has to say, rather than pay attention to the way in which he chose to say it.” “Hillary Clinton as President of the United States would be a greater disaster than anything the Islamic State or anyone else could ever bring upon us,” he continued. “I said earlier that our next president needs to be someone who is tough on terrorism – well, remember Benghazi? We’re talking here about a woman who denies responsibility for the deaths of several Americans in that embassy, which were the direct result of another bombing. I see a pattern in her response to acts of terror against Americans, and so does God.”

“He knows this great nation would perish under her guidance, because she’s a woman and she doesn’t know how to deal with violence or problems,” he said. “And God chose to intervene by using bombs to demonstrate how she reacts to such incidents. And as we’ve all seen, she is utterly clueless as to what to do next. And for the millionth time: God does work in mysterious ways, but he DOES WORK. And he went to work today to show Americans why not to vote for Hillary Clinton and why not to condemn their own nation to doom. Now all we need to do is prove he’s been heard,” Graham concluded.