Rivera Approves Ending Free Parking For Handicapped Drivers: “Healthy People’s Cars Need The Extra Space”

“Portland, Oregon – Making drivers pay to park has become a reality in this US city, as well; as of now, this goes for all drivers, including ones who have a handicapped tag.

“Supporters claim that such a move will prove useful in preventing drivers, both able-bodied and handicapped, from overusing parking spots. An added benefit, they say, is that the decision will likely bring the fraudulent use of handicapped tags to an end.

“On the other hand, disability advocates and many others are claiming that this is highly unfair to those who are truly disabled. Bob Joondeph, of Disability Rights Oregon, says that “people who have a disability will normally have additional expenses that are associated with the disability. They may have to spend extra money in order to get health care. They may need to spend extra money to have their car retrofitted.”

“The City of Portland also has a valid arguments, according to many. Steve Novick, a Portland City Councilman, says: “when you make something free, you really encourage people to use it, and in this case overusing spaces intended for short-term turnover.”

“David Rivera, a member of the US House of Representatives from Florida’s 25th district, seems to agree with the latter.
In an exclusive interview with Newslo, Rivera stated that “disabilities are a very unfortunate thing, but they are not a license to break the law. The law is and should be equal to all Americans, regardless of whether they are able-bodied or handicapped.”

He added that he sympathizes with the handicapped, but unfortunately, healthy Americans really need the extra parking real-estate. “I can only imagine how they must feel; but, on the other hand, sitting in a wheelchair all day long must have its upsides. I mean, wheelchairs give a whole new meaning to the saying “why drive when you can be driven?” Oh, you’ll be fine, my dear handicapped Americans, just look on the bright side – you’ve always wanted to be treated equally. Well, now you will be”, Rivera concluded.