French ISIS Members said they’ll Burn Down Paris If French Kissing Isn’t Forbidden

The City of Light and all of France could be the first European target of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a terrorist organization that controls a large region in the Middle East.

“The jihadist organization has released a film that depicts the burning of French passports by jihadi fighters that are rumored to be of French nationality. The terrorists were also filmed calling on others to bring terror to other French cities.

“Al Hayat, one of the main media outlets of ISIS, released the video that features four French nationals delivering threatening hate messages in the country’s language to camera. One man can clearly be heard saying: “we renounce our faith in you and your passports; if you come here, you will be killed.”

“Two other French nationals were earlier identified in a mass beheading of Syrian government soldiers filmed in gruesome detail, and the scandal has troubled the French government and people deeply. In the midst of this excruciating discovery, four other men were filmed burning the country’s passports.

More shockingly, Newslo’s own translator was able to decrypt the remainder of the message spoken directly into the camera by one of the ISIS militants.

It reads: “cursed be the damnation of capitalism and western imperialism; there is only one true God and his name is Allah. My brethren and I have woken up and seen the future. It reeks of death and doom, caused by the temptations of the flesh, the first of which is the French kiss. We hereby warn the French government to abolish and prohibit French kissing on a global level, or else its capital will burn before the end of the year. Heed our warnings or suffer the consequences.”
Representatives of the French government were unavailable to comment until the publishing of this article.