Best 4 Fun Safety Meeting Ideas to Engage Everyone on Safety Topics

If you’ve heard one safety meeting, you’ve heard them all. At least, that’s what your employees seem to think. When you notice people zoning out or not paying attention during safety meetings, it’s time to think of something fast.

Get Amazing Fun Safety Meeting Ideas

Employees who aren’t aware of the hazards or don’t take them seriously may have accidents in the workplace. Here are some fun safety meeting ideas to help engage your employees and help them understand the importance of the information you’re sharing.

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Play Games

From word games like Wheel of Fortune to other competitions, employees will sit up and take notice when you pull a game out. They’ll wonder what’s different when the meeting takes an unusual turn, in addition to winning some fun prizes.

Make sure the questions are ones that people know the answers to. The rules should be fair, and the games shouldn’t take too long. The longer the game, the more likely people will lose interest.

Ask for help from human resources or the budget department. They can figure out what prizes you can afford with your safety budget and provide supplies.

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Get People Involved

When people take responsibility for their own actions, they feel a sense of ownership. Involving your workers in the safety process is a great way to inspire them to take part in the process and encourage their coworkers to stay safe.

One way to keep everyone safe is to conduct a job hazard analysis, and this is definitely a project to involve your team in. Review accident logs and figure out which jobs to analyze, then make a list of steps involved in each job. Then identify the possible hazards and determine solutions.

Involving the team can help them learn, but it can also help make them aware when they see hazards in the workplace. If they know the risks, they’re more likely to say something. Everyone will be safer when you let the employees help with projects like this.

Invite the team members to present their findings at the next safety meeting to help make everyone aware of the outcome.

Fun Safety Meeting Ideas: Use Humor

The yawns will disappear when you involve comedy in your meetings. Even in tragedies, Shakespeare used comic relief to give viewers a break from the depressing nature of the show. The same tactic relieves boredom and gives your employees a break from the seriousness of safety rules.

Tie in funny videos or jokes you find online to help the employees engage with the material. You can also try other silly comic interactions like misspellings or memes.

Keeping Everyone Safe

The point of any safety meeting is to make sure your employees stay safe in the workplace. With these safety meeting ideas, you’ll be able to keep them engaged and paying attention. Employees who know the rules and the reasons they’re necessary will help each other stay safe.

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