A.G. Sessions: “Terror Has Increased Dramatically In The Years Since Obama’s Legalization Of Pot”

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday told reporters that one reason he wants to crack down on marijuana is that there’s “a lot of violence” that has come from legalizing the drug for recreational use in states such as Colorado. Per the Huffington Post, Sessions met with Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson on Monday to discuss his concerns about marijuana flooding into his state from neighboring Colorado, which voted to allow recreational use back in 2012. “I don’t think America is going to be a better place when people of all ages, and particularly young people, are smoking pot,” said the attorney general. “I believe it’s an unhealthy practice, and we’re seeing real violence around that.”

He continued, “So much violence, in fact, that I’m genuinely frightened for the future of the country. What I mean by that is, just look at the state in which you find the streets of pretty much every major city in the country. We’ve got demonstrations, we’ve got protests, we’ve got near riots, we’ve got people screaming in discontent, we’ve even got protesters shattering store windows and stealing things – this is not the type of situation and the type of problem that marijuana can solve. While we’re on the subject, I personally don’t think marijuana, legal or otherwise, is the answer to anything. As a matter of fact, if we’re being completely honest, it’s more likely to be the cause of the problem.”

“The thing is, that wasn’t the case a couple years ago,” the Attorney General also said. “Which begs the question – when did such behavior switch from mellowing out at home and then ravaging the fridge to going out in the streets and breaking a store window because you liked something you saw in it? Of course, there are various theories about that, but my personal opinion is that the change was made in the minds of people. The moment Americans stopped worrying about getting arrested for possession of marijuana and started feeling okay for it because it was no longer against the law, that’s when all inhibitions went down the drain along with the fear of doing something that’s illegal and, more importantly, morally wrong. So, you see, there’s a whole cause-and-effect chain of events that precedes the state we have on our streets today.”

He argued, “Needless to say, as with most causalities of the similar kind, all of it can be traced back to a single, unique event that disrupted the equilibrium. In terms of why we have millions of people in the streets today protesting against Donald Trump when the majority of them not only don’t know who Donald Trump is, but aren’t even aware of what year or day of the month it is, the answer is former President Barack Obama’s legalization of pot.”

“All this violence and terror we’re seeing today can be traced back to him; he is single-handedly responsible for the Event Zero. I suppose that shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing how he’s mostly responsible for every single thing that’s wrong with America today, but alas – it goes with the territory. If nothing more, it’s just another bump on the road Donald Trump will have to smooth out in the future,” Sessions said.

He also added, “And do you know why he’ll pull it off? He may not have gone to Harvard, unlike former President Obama, but that’s not something to be ashamed of. Everybody knows that Harvard is home to some of the greatest geniuses that walk the Earth, and at the same time, the greatest potheads as well. Donald Trump doesn’t even drink beer. So, who would you want your child to look up to of the two?”