Game of Thrones NYC Exhibit Closes, Fans Disappointed by Lack of Nudity

NEW YORK — Last week, a Game of Thrones exhibit in Manhattan enthralled many fans willing to wait out the long line that extended along 57th street. The exhibit boasted costumes, Game of Thrones-themed interactive experiences, and a chance to sit on the holy grail of current nerdom, the Iron Throne.

Newslo interviewed several fans leaving the exhibit and found the response to be mixed. Jon Murphy, 26, said he was somewhat dissatisfied. “The High Septon’s severed arm was kinda cool, but I was really expecting a little more. You know, you watch a show, you come to expect a certain standard, and that wasn’t really held up in the exhibit.” When asked exactly what was missing from the exhibit, Murphy answered, “Boobs.”

One fan said he was “confused” by the conspicuous absence of Emilia Clarke’s “lovely boobs.”

“The khaleesi’s dresses were there. But her boobs weren’t in them. That really took away from the whole thing for me,” Murphy explained.

Despite these disappointments, the exhibit was so popular that many New York fans, namely those with jobs and responsibilities, were unable to wait in the long line that formed, and so missed out on a chance to sit on the throne themselves. Some fans have even refused to get out of line, still hoping to view the exhibit more than a week after it has closed.

“I’ve been here for nine days,” self-proclaimed die-hard fan Greg told Newslo reporters yesterday. When asked if he knew that the exhibit had closed last week, Greg gave the same blank stare that he gave when asked for his last name. When asked if he had a job to go to or any responsibilities, Greg said, “Winter is coming. And I’m currently unemployed.”

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