Pat Roberson Suggests Using “Morning After Pill” In Case Of “Gay Intercourse Emergency”

“Arguing that gays and lesbians who also identify as Christians are merely part of the “left-wing agenda,” conservative televangelist Pat Roberson offered a simple, if ineloquent, explanation with regard to his longstanding opposition to same-sex marriage. Pointing to a recent surge in businesses that have spoken out against same-sex marriage and other rights, Robertson made the eyebrow-raising statement in a recent “700 Club” broadcast, Right Wing Watch first reported.

““If you show me one couple that conceived a child through anal – through anal intercourse – just show me one in all the world, and I will say, ‘I agree with you and you are right.’ Show me one,” he said. “It is unnatural, I’m sorry.” Roberson made headlines last week in an earlier broadcast after he implied that the gay community would force Christians to like anal sex, as well as polygamy and bestiality, in an effort to “make you conform to them.” “Sooner or later, you’re going to have to conform your religious beliefs to the group of some abhorrent thing,” he said.

The televangelist also stated that “since gay people now have the ability to enter marriage equally as heterosexual, normal couples, there should also be some sort of concession on the other side of the equation, because an equilibrium should and must exist regardless of the number and size of turbulences between gay and straight people.”

Asked to elaborate, Roberson said: “Well, men can sometimes be wretched things. And, unfortunately, I know deep down in my heart, that no matter how hard they try, some people are always going to be attracted to sin and fornication, and it’s no different when it comes to the evil of homosexuality. So, there are bound to be troubled souls who will want to experiment with gays and lesbians, regardless of the fact that they have families and children, even. But, even though I fundamentally disagree with the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, I still think that some people just cannot help themselves. There is going to be experimenting with the same sex and there is going to be regrets afterwards.”

The pastor continued: “So, it is my opinion that all those who feel the uncontrollable urge to try or participate in a homosexual or lesbian act, should be allowed to repent and protect their health. And I think that the morning after pill could provide the opportunity to do just that.” He also added: “Even though I do not condone the use of that drug, because that’s what it is, even in cases of heterosexual intercourse, like I said, I still feel there should be at least some balance. Those who cross the line into gay sin and repent afterwards should be allowed to remain safe and remain heterosexual. After all it is Christian to forgive.”

“Are you saying you think the morning after pill should prevent those who experiment with the same sex to become completely gay or lesbian?” the Newslo interviewer inquired Robertson. “Absolutely,” he replied. “I feel that, unlike gays, there must be understanding for those who are confused and do not know what or who they are. After all, the Catholic Church has had plenty of understanding when it comes to Catholic priests and young altar boys. Look how well that turned out.”