Pastor Charles Stanley: “The Gay Union Should Compensate Us For Climate Change”

“Dr. Charles Stanley and his son, Andy – both well-known Georgia pastors – have each caught attention recently for their views on homosexuality. The elder Stanley, 82, is the long time pastor of First Baptist Atlanta and founder of In Touch Ministries.

Recently he declined to accept an award from the Jewish National Fund in Atlanta – an event he was stated to attend. Criticism swelled over the selection of Stanley due to his Biblical views on homosexuality – pulled from his sermons and many written works – which had become a “concern” for members of the local Jewish and LGBT communities.

“According to JNF spokesman Adam Brill, Stanley informed the organization that due to “…his deep love for Israel, and his reluctance to be a point of controversy and conflict with the Jewish community, he has declined to be recognized at the Jack Hirsch Memorial Breakfast in Atlanta.”

Speaking to Newslo, Dr. Stanley said of his forfeiture: “It just didn’t feel right. I wouldn’t have been comfortable sitting there and being awarded by people I fundamentally believe are different from me to the core. Had I not forfeited, it would have been a hypocritical act on my part and a bad example to others.”

“The only universal constant that has existed and will continue to exist in this world is the Word of God,” Stanley argued. “It is all-powerful, but forgiving. But, the Lord does not recognize the gay union as something that should exist. The fact that they are here among us is a sin, just like the shameful ruling of the Supreme Court that allowed them to enter holy matrimony. People don’t realize that God has already started punishing us for allowing the evil of homosexualism to survive in our midst. Climate change is the obvious example. In a decade or so, we will all burn because the heat from the sun will scorch the earth, and God will not save us. We have brought this upon ourselves.”

The Atlanta pastor also offered his view of a possible course of action: “You know, the damage is already done and I’m not sure what we can do to stop or even reverse the effects. The only thing I can think of is some sort of legislation that would force gays to pay compensation for bringing the wrath of God upon normal people. Some sort of law that would punish them if they don’t pay climate change taxes with incarceration or, even better – kisses from beautiful girls. We could even call it The Redemption Act. They need to pay for what they’ve done and that’s a fact.”