Former President George Bush Planning To Open A Shoe Store

Dallas, Texas – former United States President, George W. Bush, is enjoying his post-presidency life and is taking up a new hobby: shoe-making. Even though the former US President has taken up painting as an activity of choice to pursue in days as a once again average citizen, it is said that he has suddenly developed a love for shoes, and not just any kind; apparently, he is particularly interested in making men’s shoes.

According to his wife, Laura Bush, he “just woke up one morning and decided he wanted to get into the shoe-making business”. Whether he had an epiphany in his sleep or this was an idea brewing in his mind for a long time is not familiar at the moment, but according to Mrs. Bush “the former is probably it, since he was always impulsive and rash. I mean, look at Iraq these days and you’ll get the picture”.

Furthermore, not only is the former president impulsive when he sets his mind on something, but he’s also quick to realize his ideas. Namely, the dean of the University of Texas, Randy Diehl, has recently stated that he had met with Mr. Bush several days upon hearing that the 43rd president was even looking at attending some shoe-making classes at the Texas University. Additionally, regardless of the fact that W (as Mr. Bush is often referred to) is the former head of state of one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world, “he will not be able to get any special treatment during his shoe-making classes” at Austin’s University of Texas, should he decide to enroll.

There have even been rumors during his presidency that George W. made his shoe fetish very obvious, even in front of other members of his office. But, whether his love for quality footwear is a life-long one, or perhaps it started in 2008, when he had a close encounter with an identified flying shoe, is beside the point. What matters is that very soon you’ll probably be able to buy your very own pair of “Bush’s”. As for their quality and looks, they are likely to be a mirror image of their manufacturer – rough around the edges and with no sense of style.