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Georgia Schools to Use Poor Kids as Janitors in Exchange for Food

ATLANTA – Beginning in 2014, Georgia public school students from poor families will be required to perform janitorial duties in order to receive lunch, according to new legislation. The law—a brainchild of Georgia congressman Jack Kingston (R)—intends to save the state money, as well as “teach poor kids how to be less lazy.”

Kingston, a likely candidate for the United States Senate next year, came up with the idea of making poor children, whose families cannot afford to pay for school lunches, work for their food after noticing that “the rich kids come to school with all this money, meaning they must have after-school jobs.” “The natural conclusion was that these other kids are just slackers—moochers if you will,” Kingston told the Jackson County Republican Party this week. “Yeah, they’re only seven or eight years old, but they need to understand that there are consequences for their laziness.”

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Kingston has suggested that, to combat this trend, poor kids should be required to sweep the floors in their schools before receiving food. “[Think] what we would gain as a society in getting people—getting the myth out of their head that there is such a thing as a free lunch.”

Georgia’s Republican-controlled legislature seized on Kingston’s “inspired” idea, and this week passed legislation that will assign janitorial duties—such as sweeping, cleaning toilets, and waxing gymnasium floors—to any child unable to pay for their lunch. “Everyone wins here,” Georgia State Senator Jesse Stone (R-Waynesboro) explained. “We’ll save a ton of money by laying off the more expensive, adult custodians we have now, and kids will see firsthand how their deadbeat parents have left them out to dry.”

Critics of the law argue that it will create a conspicuous class system in Georgian schools. “One group will be forced to perform menial labor if they want to eat,” said Larry Cuban, a professor emeritus of education at Stanford University, “while another, simply by virtue of being from a wealthier family, will be spared such humiliation. We’re teaching kids that some are better than others. With this system, bullying, exclusion and poor self-esteem are all but inevitable.”

Kingston doesn’t disagree with Cuban’s prediction, but argues that such outcomes are “not necessarily negative.” “Look,” he explained. “These kids might as well learn early that some of them will work crap jobs just to be able to eat. We’re preparing them for life in 21st century America, and we get clean schools in the process.”


  1. All of the children who are receiving “free lunch” do not belong to “dead beat” parents….This is the dumbest thing I have heard from a politician in at least the past week! My husband works 5 days a week 40 hrs a week and has for the 22 years we have been married and he makes $15 per hour…we also qualify for food stamps that we do not get, because I do not feel we are in need of it…I don’t believe in taking anything you can get from a government that is so far in debt that my grandchildren’s children will be paying for it…I suffered a back injury several years ago and we lost my income so now my son qualifies for “free lunch” he doesn’t eat it because he says since Mrs Obama took over the lunch menu for our children that the food is so absolutely nasty that he can not eat it…the hamburger actually has veins in it as a filler….yum!! A parent could work 2 minimum wage jobs and still qualify for assistance…does that make them a dead beat? I don’t think so…this guy needs to use better choices of words…he clearly does not have a clue. I just keep thinking put the politicians on minimum wage for a year as a qualification to run for office then all the low income jobs would be abolished within five years…the assistance programs would be more geared toward getting the person out of poverty rather than keeping them there. I DO NOT want to be dependent on my government it gives them WAY to much POWER over me.

  2. There is a rule that says you cant use food as a punishment or reward for children in the schools. This is a punishment because their parents aren’t rich. Also what 7 and 8 year olds do you know have part time jobs? Teenagers have a difficult time getting jobs today, this story is unbelievable.

  3. My daughter worked as a lunch room manager at an elementary school. It broke her heart to see children who did not have lunch money. Her and her women would put money in a jar to pay for their lunch. She was killed in a wreck. But her one wish was to hit the lottery and no child go hungry. This would break her heart. These are your babies they are to be taken care of not forced to work at 7 or 8 years old. I am in Fl. I will pray for this not to happen. What next?

  4. The rich kids don’t necessarily have jobs they have Rich Parents who dole out the money. We abolished slavery a long time ago and making kids work for food is like Norbert Runtz said a form of mild slavery. If it was my kids they would just as soon go hungry at lunch then be a slave and be bullied by the school. Its not the kids doing the bulling its the government.

  5. Yes, Marsha Florence you CAN write ie here. He is actually stealing Newt Ginricks idea who touted this very insanity and inanity in his last doomed presidential run.
    And, won’t some lawyers be getting VERY RICH when some child is injured on the job and workmen’t compensation refuses to pay and the schools insurance refuses to pay because they are not paid employees and have not paid the premiums? He is merely trying to out Tea Bag his competition in his senate bid. Yo, Kingston, Slavery was abolished in 1865.

  6. so you lay off the parents who do these jobs only to have them children do the jobs sounds a bit like slavery to me.. These kids would not be poor if thier parents did the job.. How ablout making kids in ssports pay for.. Oh if they want to go to high school make them teach the younger kids and you can fire teachers.. Maaaaybe hire the parents teach the kids so then you will have a more than stupis state.. make a 8 year clean.. What about you and the rest of the pols in your state make you work for your job

  7. If the guy is serious, and if this article is real, please use the power of the vote to show him and any of his political friends the door. This is what happens when the rich forget or do not care for those less fortunate. Perhaps if the circumstance were flipped and he was not so fortunate, he would have a better understanding. Ask anyone who tried to do right during the great recession, only to loose their home, savings, dignity, and pride to no fault of their own. Yes there are some parents who need to do better towards their children, but to punish the child for being born to someone less fortunate is simply wrong. Instead of punishing the child, perhaps look at the federal lunch program that requires students to get all parts of the meal even if they do not want it. This is food that is thrown away.

  8. Is this even legal. An how r u going to make kids work for there food when u don’t eve have a clue what’s going on at home. Some kids only have a mom/dad that work there ass off. But they have three or for kids they r takingcare of all alone. This is what hhappened when stupid ass people think they’re better then someone cuz they come fro money. Would u be saying all this if u where one of the kids u r talking about…. Just saying

  9. Really, this man is sick. DO NOT VOTE HIM TO THE SENATE!! He is calling out your children bc there poor. He thinks poor=lazy. The government has provided every child a FREE education & that includes the meals. How dare you as a representative of the people call out our children bc their in the poor class this is sick & one of the worst forms of discrimination I have seen in a long time. Parents STAND UP FOR YOUR CHILDREN, do not allow this, call & write your representative & let them know how offended you are. STUPID comes from all levels of class & he showed it. What is he going to do , when poor children bring lunch to school and he has no janitors to clean. Who will clean the toilet then- not Mr. BigShot representative that thought it was a good idea to call out your children based on wealth or no wealth to be janitors in the school. Hope your 6 yr old knows how to use bleach. This is totally ABSURD!!!!!.

  10. It’s deadbeat parents milking the system who should be cleaning. Not the kids. If you politicians really cared about making change you’d stop thriving on dead beat voters to keep you in office. You’d work hard to bring good community programs in like Read to a Child, Learn to Read (Miami), and free tutoring. That free tutoring wouldn’t be from your already overworked teachers. You’d get retired educated people in your community to be involved. Stop inciting race, class, & economic inequalities. Be a real leader like Nelson Mandela & Ghandi.

  11. In the 1960s a Hindu Swami from India was in NYC. The city of New York decided to give this Swami a tour of the public school system to show how advanced American schools were.

    After having a full day to tour schools and observe everything, when asked by a member of the media what the Swami thought of the public school system the Swami replied: “Your schools are slaughterhouses for the soul.” Looks like Georgia is following in New York’s footsteps.

  12. Wtf is this dumb shit. Schools are made for learning not kids cleaning and being slaved for food. Yeah rich kids got money cause they rich family gives them money not that they work. You sound just like the la clippers owner. Your just as bad. Your teaching kids that its ok to be in a lower class and that they wont make it out. If i was you i would leave office once the president hears of this non-sense your done with. Your a racist to young children like u said that are 7and 8 years old. What do they know about waxing floors???

  13. So of all the people that commented on here, how many of you seriously believe that this is a legitimate story with actual quotes from these politicians? Nothing gets a democrat riled up like making someone have to earn their way in life and this is some made up story to get you all whipped up into a frenzy. Aside from the political suicide these comments would cause, it would violate federal child labor laws. Come on people, seriously??

  14. Lol at the people sooooo offended by the idea of working to earn a living.. Why? Because they’re the ones afraid that they’ll actually have to go out and get jobs to pay for their child’s lunch now to spare them the embarrassment? So what’s all of you guys’ idea? Just give shit to them for free, and teach them that they can find loopholes in the system to get shit for free for the rest of their lives? and when they’re 30 and still living off the government, you scoff at them for taking advantage, when you’re the ones that made them this way.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  15. Whatever happened to..child labor laws….stupidest think I have ever heard…maybe if there were more jobs and nobody unemployed these kids wouldn’t need free lunch…talk about greed…that’s what they will teach them..greed to save money and use children as their way out of saying people for the job they will do..and what happens to the family whose member has no job because of this…more free lunches and free labor..what a joke…

  16. This article is total BS. Federal and state regulations prohibited identifying students who receive free or reduced price meals through the National School Lunch Program. Part of the Administrative Review that directors must go through every three years specifically focuses on the program NOT inadvertantly or purposely identifying student meal status. He could make all the laws he wanted but he’d need to publish them on toilet paper. The state nutrition department and state and national nutrition associations would be screaming to the high heavens if this were remotely true.

  17. This makes me sick. My kids get free lunches but i work my butt as well . My kids are not lazy they pick up behind them selfs so just b/c i cant pay the lunches does not make my kids lazy. Not to mention the embarrassment the kids will have to go through. This is just wrong and i hope they ( the people pushing for this) know that God doesnt like ugly and he will see to it my kids gey feed the right way not by cleaning a toilet or floor at 6 7 and 9 years of age. Give the poor people a break and up our mim wage alot to where we can afford all this things yall have in your head that we should be able to afford.

  18. Grok Grokkster via Yvette Scholtmeyer
    I’ll bet PLENTY of liberal morons would consider this a GREAT idea.
    Jct: I guess I’m a Liberal moron who thinks it’s a great idea to allow poor kids to barter work for food. maybe mitts. I’ll never forget the one family of kids in our school who couldn’t afford mitts and milk when I was a kid. Bet they would have loved to do a little work for food and mits. People who think this isn’t a great idea aren’t thinking about the welfare of the kids, only the symbolism of something they don’t like.

  19. Why do some want to judge everyone from Georgia because of an idiot congressmen? I can’t think of anyone that I’ve ever known in my life here in Georgia that would even agree with this BS,,not even ones that are rich or have been privileged to come from family money….There are plenty of politicians in other states that are ignorant,,am I to judge the people from there because of it? NO…..Yeah, there are too many sorry parents that probably won’t even care that their child is having to do this but there are many single parents working full time jobs and overtime like I did and I have 1 that’s graduated from college while working and another going to college now while working..We are far from deadbeats..Maybe if some of the money that gets sent to other countries starving people stayed here,, we wouldn’t have a problem,,,SMDH.

  20. I just read this on Facebook… I am flabbergasted…. I don’t know what is happening to this country, thank God I was born and raised in NYC and I or my kids never had to pay for school lunches or for that matter even years I lived and worked in Puerto Rico … No matter how much I made as a professional …Can they make a poor kid in first grade do janitorial work??? Fire his ass and the people he works for too….RIDICULOUS!!!

  21. that is fucking evil! how can you assume that the kids that come to school with mony are working after school jobs if theyre only 8 years old. it is absolutely a negative thing to promote the idea that people aren’t equal. we are all equal. they haven’t done anything to deserve to be treated like sub humans

  22. Well you see Ms. Melanie that is their plan, they want you to depend on government for everything. Dollars will get you donuts that no minority children will be assigned these duties, it would be racially insensitive to ask ethnic children to perform “Slave Labor” in order to be fed, so that leaves Caucasians. I think that was really the point, To create an Aristocracy so that from the beginning of their lives some children are allowed to look down on others. PLEASE fire your Senators, all the current politicos or your children will be taught lessons you never wanted the to learn

  23. It is one thing to teach kids responsibility and the reality of earning things but to single out children who are from poor families is just WRONG!!! I see this promoting a lot of bullying too ;( Low income families do not automatically mean LAZY!!! But this law DOES automatically mean ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!! Some of the LAZIEST people I know are ones that are wealthy! We pay enough in to taxes that lunches should be paid for any damn way!

  24. I just had another thought that these fools did not think of. I guess the State contacted the Federal Dept. of Labor and OSHA. What happens if while doing these janitorial chores a student is injured? Since the student is not en employee workmen’s compensation would not apply meaning the poor parents can become rich by suing the school district. Talk about idiots in power.

  25. Ok Georgia you all have some work to do on educating your own politicians on what class does the most work. Lazy is the word he used I would like to know what he qualify himself. Have you even broke a sweat recently yes even in this winter and spring weather someone else answer your phone calls you probably dont even drive yourself anywhere. And cleaning your own home do u have a housekeeper AND YOU SAY IM LAZY

  26. Not all poor kids are black and Hispanic. What is going on in this country. I wish like hell that a school try to make my kids clean up the school before they eat. Now they are coming after the kids in elementary school. I am glad that we are noted as lazy, after building this country for little or nothing. This guy would not walk up to a black father that is struggling and say this to his face. Man up dude you are the government, so what he is saying is Georgia is broke and he don’t know how to get things in order or how he is going to pay his bills. I say fuck him and Home school your children. You know they don’t want our kids in their schools anyway. We do know this that they are thinking about us at all times. its laughable because they think they got it all but they can’t touch China and Russia. Plus if Iran invade this country, they coming for those white motfo. LOL You still loose. You are funny man just like Sterling. You are a dog without a bone.

  27. “What a brilliant idea! Punish the kids for circumstances beyond their control. Jack Kingston is a genius!

    This has got to be the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard of. First of all, just because they get a free or reduced lunch doesn’t mean their parents are lazy. Nor does it mean that the kids who do not get a free lunch are from wealthy families. Secondly, government money pays for the facilities, textbooks, electricity, etc. for ALL students! Why do they get services that they don’t have to work for? I’m starting to think that the dumber you are, the more likely you are to get elected. #jackkingston you need to start working for your government check.

  28. So let me get this straight. This jerk feels that people are poor by choice and as a result of their laziness. Also a child born into poverty by no fault of their own should be punished for their condition and subject to menial labor just to be able to eat. Furthermore, we should fire current adult custodians who likely work to support their families, thereby creating more poor people whose children will need free lunch because their parents are now UNEMPLOYED. We all know that this will disproportionately affect minorities. This is just a way of humiliating and “putting us in our place.” It sends a very clear message that minorities should get used to the idea of menial labor and a life without dignity.

  29. In this particular case, what the state of Georgia should do is legalize employment for children under the age of 16; so that they can work and pay for their own school lunch! It would really be logical to end the free food program if their flat currency dollar can’t be inflated to cover feeding the kids. This should result to simply ending the program and require each child to bring their own meal. Every low income parent or working parent whose children are on the lunch program should remove their children from public schools and have them home schooled! I would surely not tolerate that type of ignorance to have my precious children ridiculed, degraded nor mistreated!

  30. Okay so this guy thinks that 7 and 8 yr old children should work for their lunch? Hmm this is so wrong on so many levels. So because they can’t afford to pay they should be publicly humiliated and ridiculed by others just to have lunch. So another words punish them. These children are too young to even know why they have to work but the other children don’t. This can’t be real it is too stupid. What insensitive idiot would come up with something like this. There are laws to protect children I thought?

  31. This racist creep should be made to lick toilets clean. Or maybe his parent made him work from the moment he learned how to walk and now he is taking it out on the poor children. He dreamt of becoming some bigshot so that he could push other greedy politicians like him go along with him and make it a law. Look what he is doing as s congressman in Georgia, imagine what kind other dumb idess hr would come up with. No votes for him and his cronies that made this dumbest ot the dumbest ideas a law, just they want to keep more money in their pockets.

  32. Before you go getting all upset with the well-off folks think about this whole idea. It sounds like something the current administration would perpetuate to create more class division in this country.
    In the early 60’s I worked in the school cafeteria during school lunch just to get my free lunch. No big deal. I enjoyed helping my parents with the burden. I did not hate the rich kids or anyone. I did not even want a class ring when I graduated because I knew my parents could not afford the $20.00. Life can be positive if we want it to be.

  33. How about they hire a janitor? The lunch is probably not valued at more than $1.50@. So that is $7.50 a week. Don’t know what the minimum wage is there, but lets say it is $7.50 an hour. So a child works 1 hour a week performing janitorial duties. Anything over that hour is “free labor”. STOP THE MADNESS!!! Why don’t we just put a sign on their backs “I AM POOR”. Our world sucks. But we wanna beg for money to feed other children in other countries/nations and don’t want to feed our own? How many “FREE” meals do the politician consume in a week????? HAVE MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY SEATS 🙁

  34. WOW.. nice way to go.. way to stigmatize a child and make their lives even harder because their parents are unable to support them properly.. how bout you find some work for the PARENTS to do to help pay for their lunches?! “the rich kids come to school with all this money, meaning they must have after-school jobs.” <– WHAT!? .. how bout their parents GIVE it to them? You're a dumb ass and I'm sure glad I don't live in your state Jack Kingston!

  35. “We’ll save a ton of money by laying off the more expensive, adult custodians we have now, and kids will see firsthand how their deadbeat parents have left them out to dry.” So you’re going to FIRE hard working adults, and PUT PEOPLE OUT OF WORK, who will probably GET GOVERNMENT AID, so that you can put little KIDS to work as SLAVE LABOR…and CHILD SLAVE LABOR at that…..*is amazed and flabbergasted….*

  36. I would not explain my situation to him because apparently he is just as ignorant as the republican politician. I pray for those children. This is a from of control, maybe even a way for children to just drop out so there will no competition. Remember no believed that there would ever be a black president Mr. Obama. I hope this does not get passed especially the wasy he explains himself and his ideas of saving money. If I was those I would protest.

  37. First actual headlines about this will appear later. It will be about someone in the school system beat to death by a parent who is currently working his / her ass off to support his / her family, misses this information because of being too busy, learns their child work for FOOD by the school and takes a bat to the head of the first teacher they encounter. And it will likely be a teacher who finds this nonsense the distasteful garbage it is.

  38. I am so glad that I do not live in Georgia. My children bring their own lunches to school so they wouldn’t have to work for their food, but I would not want them to see such unfair and cruel treatment of children. This man is a truly a moran. I would like to see him try to scrape by on a minimum wage with his family and then see if he still thinks that all those people truly are just being lazy. What a jerk!

  39. this practice is a bunch of BS. congress should doing the same thing there instead of voting there own raises and all and they don’t have any feeling for the children, Some of them are from very poor families and some are to young to have a job after work so pick on the rich kids for awhile and show them how to except people who having little




  41. This is a backwards way to save money because by firing the existing janitors, their personal finances will take a bigger hit. These people are probably already in financial trouble and denying them work will increase their financial troubles. The children are not gaining anything positive from this.

  42. This is the worst bs I’ve heard in a while you are going to turn our “students”, into share croppers? an already one sided instutution into fate. No more survival of the fittest? Then to lay off the custodian who probably has the children that needs free lunches to make the entire family a slave to the new system. Our mission was to create a bigger working and middle class not provide further division between high class and poverty. How can a child be deemed lazy if they are only coming to school to learn how to live and are required by law to do so? How about actually putting the constituents tax money towards their children instead of in the politician’s pockets. We know your children aren’t going to be waxing any gymnasium floors Mr Kingston. If the case is the parent is poverty stricken, or “lazy” as republican candidate for senate describes it, and cannot provide proper nutrition do we take out their short comings on our future generations? No we help them more to make sure they will have a equal chance to lead America in the future. If we aren’t giving students equal chances for success we are aiding in predetermining their fate. The way the world is going now this idea will do nothing but increase the drop out rate, homeless rates, unemployment rates, and worst of all crime rates. opportunity creates success, give our future a chance.

  43. Poor children, they already have to worry about clothes, food, power, a home already they should be able to go to school and at least for the 8 hours they are there have peace of shelter, food, and most of all learning. Whether the parents have a high education or not, it’s still hard to find jobs and so easy to lose them. If the parents or parent are doing all they can do then they do deserve their children. Also, at what age do these children start cleaning schools for their lunch? Do we not go over seas doing documentations on “child labor?” Do we not even have charities for the children overseas, to feed them? Point is be grateful the children are even attending school. We already have uniforms, which is even harder on the guardians to supply, now the children have to worry about working at school, doing such a dirty job to have food? More children will drop out of school. You do not know what stress is until you have watched your single mother cry trying to make a living for you and your siblings, nor how the child feels, putting more stress on them just for food, will overwhelm them! It is so very easy though for the people who have never worried to think they have a great idea that will change the world! God bless these children, and the what the school systems have become. <3

  44. Americans are the most opinionated people with no unity and no action. This policy is just stupid. We pay our elected officials to make these decisions so children so we are gonna have children working and replacing the hired workers……so now their kids are not gonna be able to have money for food. Fellow Georgians, what about this……….1. Before our governmenr furloghs anyone, they must take the same furlough and percentage pay cut (after all they are working for us so all cuts should flow down hill in equality. 2. Rather than having the children do the cleaning, how about those who are drawing unemployment being taught to do these jobs and to do them…..giving them job skills (even if not what they desire or in the field they want) and since they are receiving pay (via unemployment checks) they should work for it. If they don’t like the job, hey so be it; there are things we all do that we don’t necessarily like. Or they can find another job and move on from the unemployment payed job.

  45. Why must you think you need to teach only the poor? I know a lot of rich people that need a few life lessons of there own. Why don’t we as Citizen’s Of The United States, take the jobs of all the Governors Congress, Senate, and the President so the poor people can have free meals and health care. I see what our “poor” and the elderly people go thru everyday. It’s so sad! i feel a shame of our Country! Try putting back what kept this Country strong in the first place back in our schools, and see what happens. PRAYER! It never fails! 🙂 ~onlymyopinondon’tgetmestarted~

  46. Why must you think you need to teach only the poor? I know a lot of rich people that need a few life lessons of there own. Why don’t we as Citizen’s Of The United States, take the jobs of all the Governors Congress, Senate, and the President so the poor people can have free meals and health care. I see what our “poor” and the elderly people go thru everyday. It’s so sad! i feel a shame of our Country! Try putting back what kept this Country strong in the first place back in our schools, and see what happens. PRAYER! It never fails! 🙂 Just my opinion!

  47. Just because a child qualifies for free lunch doesn’t mean the parents are lazy and dead beat! It seems prisoners are now going to be treated better than children. The children should NOT have to be put through such humiliation especially for something they can’t control! For some kids this is the only meal they will eat! Bullying in schools is already bad enough this will just make it worse. This whole thing makes me sick! Kids suffer while the politics are only worried about saving money! God help this nation.

  48. Are you friggin kidding me????? I’m not from Georgia, but I am appalled at this idea!!! Let me quote from the above article, ” “the rich kids come to school with all this money, meaning they must have after-school jobs.” “Yeah, they’re only seven or eight years old, but they need to understand that there are consequences for their laziness.” Just where do these “seven or eight year olds” are suppose to be working a job??? How did this MORON get elected to Congress? Honestly now, does he really believe this? I don’t know about you but this jerk needs to be voted OUT in the next election and sent a message that just because a child can’t afford the lunch at school doesn’t give them the right to turn them into slave labor at school. Now when I was in a private High School, I had the opportunity to work on campus “by choice” to help pay my tuition, but it was MY CHOICE to do so to help out my parents; I wasn’t forced by some stupid law passed by a government with no brains. Think about what you are really teaching this younger generation, after all, they will be running this nation when you are old and grey and ready for a nursing home Mr. Congressman. Remember the movie Soylent Green in the 70’s? What goes around, comes around!!!

  49. This is appalling!. How sad that someone finds this to be logical. Even sadder that we as voters have put him into office. Isn’t it our job as a society to take care of and nurture our children? Instead this state is now going to punish and humiliate those children whose parents struggle to afford the basic needs. No one should go hungry. And no one should be made to feel less than in order to be able to eat. Sounds like Mr. Kingston and his supporters failed to learn the valuable lesson of compassion and humility.

  50. He says the rich kids that bring lots of cash have after school jobs, yet the kids he is targeting are 7&8 yrs old?!?
    This story is ridiculous, and surely the people of Georgia will NOT allow this to happen, and HOPEFULLY this BUTTHEAD will it be re-elected!

  51. My Dad was born in the 40’s when he and his 7 siblings went to school, the school had a garden all of the children worked it. The ones that could not afford to pay helped in the lunchroom. He said they were happy to do it because it was really good food. There would be nothing wrong with going old school having a garden, and teaching children that if you are going to eat, you must work, but it should be all of them not a select few.

  52. Looks like a bogus article – no bill cited, legislature doesn’t meet in December, state does not pay for free lunch, Kingston is a Congressman not a state legislator. So now we should wonder about the legitimacy of the quotes.Sure its a dumb idea – but why not just argue the idea instead of making all this up? Probably because that would mot serve the mission of the publication. I mean why don’t we focus on the dudes car – isn’t that enough?

  53. You all are idiots… Theres this wonderful thing called the child labor laws. A child cannot work before the age of 14 unless payed through the parents or imancipation IE family business or Movie stars… Or in some cases under the table… Mowing lawns selling cookies and lemonaid stands… Its all satire… What kind of human being at all would actually be like this… Seriously

  54. This is sad and disgusting. For u to be a grown up in power saying this about young children that’s parents don’t have money. Just think if it was u . To deny someone food is the saddest thing in the world to me I’m a parent that pays full price for my child support lunch and happy to do so . But I grew up getting free or reduce lunches and didn’t have to clean up to do so. something needs to change. U don’t even know there home life the may not even get a meal there .

  55. I hope this is not true. Just because a family is poor does not mean they are not working their asses off. This is fascism in another sense. Some of those kids with money could be kids doing illegal things. You will be pushing kids to do illegal things just because they are from a lower income family. This is be n for someone to agree with this shit is fucking retarded. These kids will be scarred because you are teaching them that they can’t amount to anything. In the 21st century some of these poor kids are going to be the ones kicking the uppity kids ass. I would be pissed if you labeled my child based on what I make. Hell no.

  56. What planet was this guy born? Disadvantaged kids aren’t always that way by CHOICE! If their parents are so called “dead-beat,” then make them come in and do the work. You’re looking to punish the wrong source. Students don’t come to school to do custodial work; they come for an education. Rich kids have money because their parents give them money; not because they have jobs! Consider the lesson you “THINK” you’ll be teaching to lesson you’ll “ACTUALLY” be teaching.

  57. Jack Kingston is an idiot and the worst representative that the state of Georgia could have as a likely candidate for the United States Senate. Are you people in Georgia paying attention to what this nitwit is saying? He’s calling EVERYONE in a low paying job, LAZY, SHIFTLESS and SLACKERS! How and why did this idiocy make the news? Surely this is a joke that has been put out here to laugh at. No one in their right mind would think this is okay. SMH

  58. does he really think before sh-t leaves his mouth. How did he ever get elected. The lunch program does come with an stipulations like that, so why he feels its his responsibility to make so. He needs to leave things alone. People are really coming out of some strange bags.

  59. In Tennessee back in the 60″s our schools had this system except the children worked in the cafeteria. My Father and Mother had 10 children to feed (there was no good birth control back then), we grew our food on the 40 acres that Dad owned and Dad was a carpenter. Dad worked long hard hours to pay the bills.My Mother could not work because it didn’t pay for her to work with all of the kids at home. Yes, the oldest worked in the cafeteria so that the younger siblings could eat lunch. Were there problems – yes – some children laughed at us, some were bullies and some were down right mean. Yes, we finished school but school would have been a better experience if there had been another way for us and our siblings to eat lunch at school.

  60. they better refer back to the child labor law. cause this is the same thing. most of the kids on free lunches have hard working parents, that only make minimum wages. to raise their pay got shot down. maybe if they would raise the minimum wage, they could pay for the kids lunches. maybe since they are considered obese, the lunch price should be reduced. since good ole michelle Obama thinks they need just a scoop of food, & they pay almost 3.00 for it.

  61. That is a damn shame. And he use the right words that meant he means every word. America especially black America you better wake up! Everyday life is changing. But to have a child perform labor for food is cruel intention. We as a community need to learn your rights. Get out and vote! Speak for what you believe. If we don’t our kids and grandkids will have on miserable ass life!

  62. You know what! This makes me MAD AS HELL! I want to go on a cussing tirade so bad, but I’ll hold it! WHAT THE “EFFING” HELL??????? “Save money and teach poor kids how to be less lazy?” OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M ABOUT TO GO BALLISTIC!!!!!!! WHILE RICH UNDERAGE KIDS CAN GET DRUNK/HIGH, ILLEGALLY DRIVE, MURDER PEOPLE AND GET AWAY WITH IT! WHY? BECAUSE THEY SUFFER FROM AFFLUENZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME AN “EFFING” BREAK………………..

  63. REALLY? RRRREEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYY??????? WTH? Are we going to dress them up in costumes from 12 Years A Slave? Do they get to eat in the cafeteria…or out back of the school? This is the most asinine, ridiculous crap I have heard today. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! Who dreams this crap up? This man needs to get a new job…politics are NOT his thing.

  64. that is sickening just to think that poor kids are lazy. when i was younger i had to work my but off to get the stuff i wanted and there were programs for poor familys that would allow us to have free lunch. all this is going to do is take the childhood away from the child.

  65. So a bunch of asses out there would prefer teaching children to accept whatever charity they are giving instead of earning what they need.

    Guess what, this piss poorly written article doesn’t depict what it’s like to be embarrassed and struggling living on government handouts. If you challenge it or say you don’t need the pacage deal offered likein my father’s case, who will workeeven though disabled, you loose the medical side. Open heart surgery for him and he wants to legitimately earn a living but loss of medicade and he’s dead.

    Teaching people to survive by earning what they need is teaching them to care for themselves without becoming reliant on a handout and in turn giving them a hand up as well as a little dignity! Also it gives schools a legitimate reason to use money they would pay an employee to provide for children in need, and those kids don’t have to be embarrassed because they earned what they need themselves. Only foolish idiots like the one that wrote this article insult poor people who contraire to popular belief would usually rather independently support themselves owing nobody!

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