Geraldo Rivera: “Ghetto Punks Die Anyway, Obama Prefers It When They’re Killed By White Cops”

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera asserted on Tuesday that President Barack Obama should be focused on the “ghetto civil war” in black neighborhoods instead of trying to stop police brutality. After President Barack Obama told NBC News that he was proud that his presidency had “helped to galvanize and mobilize America on behalf of issues of racial disparity and racial justice,” Fox News host Sean Hannity disagreed, arguing “just the opposite of what he said is true.”

“I, surprisingly, maybe agree with you,” Rivera replied. “I think the president has gotten involved in racial matters…only when the African-American person is portrayed as the victim, whether it’s Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown or any of the others.” “He jumps in and the classic NAACP, ‘We are victims, woe us, take care of this situation,’” he continued. “To me, the president has failed most profoundly in the area of race relations.”

Rivera then went on to claim that President Obama is “actually less concerned” when African-Americans are killed by white police officers than when they die due to crimes by members of their own race. “I even think that he believes most of them have no future and just pretends like he wants to help them, when in reality, he couldn’t care less about members of his own race who are struggling under his leadership.”

“I mean, you’ve got the president bragging about putting out the racial fire, and he’s criticizing black people for escalating racial tensions. And then, when young black men die by the hands of white police officers, he says a few words of support on national TV and then goes back to his daily duties. It’s as if he’s deliberately not reacting in order to appease the majority of Christian white people in the country,” Rivera added.

He also said: “He’s probably thinking, ‘Ah, they’re ghetto punks and they’ll die anyway, it’s just a matter of time. This way, if they’re killed by white cops, I’ll be able to save the day and add a couple more accomplishments to my term.’ He knows very well that people react to racial issues, which is why you always see him talking about it, but you never witness him taking any specific or determined steps towards addressing the cause of the problem. Things aren’t looking good for this problem at all, Obama or no Obama.”

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