US Denies Spying on Germany, Recommends Americans Living Abroad ‘Eturnray Otay Asebay Aampcay Atway Onceway’

BERLIN — The German government summoned the U.S. ambassador to the capital city Friday, following the latest eruption of the ongoing scandal involving American spying. On Tuesday, the American diplomatic mission in Germany released a statement denying any involvement and furthermore urged Americans in Germany to “Eepday ixSay, Abortway.”

“The State Department has no comment at this time, except to emphasize that we had no knowledge of or connection with these events, and furthermore advises all Americans living abroad to eternray otay asebay aampcay atway onceway,” U.S. Ambassador John Emerson said in a statement Tuesday morning. “We hope to move on from this distraction and continue our mission serving German-American relations.”

“Ethay ousemay isway inway ethay ornfieldcay, epeatray, ethay ousemay isway inway ethay ornfieldcay,” Emerson added.

A 31-year-old German man was arrested in Berlin on July 2 on suspicion of espionage. On July 4, the German paper Sueddeutsche Zeitung reportedthat the man, an employee of Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the BND, had confessed to selling secrets to the U.S. government. On Monday, it was revealed that the man had implicated the CIA in the spying operation.

“Any accusations that our embassy in Germany, or the State Department as a whole, is involved in spying on our allies is unwarranted and spurious,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview Monday night. “Furthermore, I would just like to say ‘Ositionpay ompromisedcay. Eturnray otay Echoway Asebay orfay ebriefingday.’ ”

German-American relations suffered a blow last October, when it was revealed that the National Security Agency had been monitoring her telecommunications since 2002. At the time, she was leader of the opposition in the Bundestag. The countries have repeatedly failed to reach a no-spy agreement.

The White House issued a typically non-committal response to the revelations. “This administration stands by the men and women in the intelligence industry doing their job to keep America safe,” a Tuesday morning press release read. “Ifway ompromisedcay, eway illway isavowday. President Obama’s first priority is, and always has been, preserving the security of our nation, at home and abroad. Operationway Ukrainianway kysay isway away ogay. Erozay ourhay atway 3301ay ocallay imetay. Outway.”