Here’s Where It Gets Personal: Get Organized at Work With a Personal Assistant

Technology makes it harder and harder to focus on even the simplest tasks. If you’re an entrepreneur, time management is one of the ways you keep your business productive.

You can’t afford to take on too many reactive tasks that don’t earn your business money. Here’s a guide to hiring your first personal assistant so you can get organized at work.

Remote Vs. In-Person

There are benefits to both a remote assistant and one you can meet with in person. The comparison is far more dramatic than you would think.

After all, how much consideration of location does it take to do things like answer phone calls or make dinner reservations. But remote assistants are kind of a big deal because you can hire then for very affordable rates.

Choose to outsource your work overseas and you could spend pennies on the dollar for virtual assistants. The downside to working with someone overseas is cultural nuances.

The assistant might not understand cultural formalities that go along with the everyday tasks you need. This is where assistants in the U.S. shine.

They understand our legal system as well as social norms. You won’t have to worry over an email they plan to send as long as they have decent grammar.

Consider hiring a domestic personal assistant in your local area if you have high-level tasks you need to take one. It’s also a better security option since you can’t perform the same due diligence with someone working overseas.

How You Can Get Organized at Work

A personal assistant’s main goal is to help you get organized at work. When you hire a personal assistant, they take away many of the reactive tasks that keep you from reaching your goals.

A reactive task is considered any task that you do in response to what someone else needs. For example, checking email.

You need to check email is likely minuscule. Someone else needs something so they send you a message.

To succeed in business, you should be focused on proactive tasks. These are tasks that move your goals forward.

For example, brainstorming solutions to code in a new mobile app scheduled for an upcoming release. This has a significant impact on your business success.

Shredding papers does not. But this doesn’t mean shredding papers isn’t a task that has to get done.

Focus around 80 percent of your time on proactive tasks. Brainstorm. Innovate. Build relationships.

The remaining tasks should be outsourced to a highly organized personal assistant.

How to Get Organized at Work When Overwhelmed

You can get organized at work if you’re overwhelmed but you’ll need to be patient. There’s no way an outsider can jump into the middle of chaos without already knowing your business.

Personal assistants are going to be outsiders until they get adjusted to the company culture and your personality. The needs you have will range from business to personal giving them more than the average assistant to manage.

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