Gingrich: “Obama’s Legacy Is Like An Intercourse Doll That Keeps Shrinking And Only Turns On Interracial-Loving Voters”

Donald Trump adviser Newt Gingrich said over the weekend that President Barack Obama’s legacy “shrinks and shrinks and shrinks” like a blow-up doll being deflated by the president-elect. In an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday, Gingrich predicted that Trump would quickly decimate the current president’s legacy after taking office. “I think President Obama is beginning to figure out that his legacy is like one of those dolls that the air comes out of it, it shrinks and shrinks and shrinks,” the Georgia Republican smirked. “In six years, 70 percent of his legacy is executive orders, almost all of which will be repudiated by Trump.”

“It’s like this,” Gingrich went on to elaborate. “You have a president who’s spent 8 years on the job and the biggest thing he’s done during his term is he’s managed to ruin the healthcare system of the greatest country in the world, that’s pretty much what he’s managed to single-handedly do. And because of his skin color, he was expected to have a historical significance when it comes to American presidents, which, in all fairness, put a lot of pressure on him from the get go. But, be that as it may, it’s safe to say he’s failed miserably, because not only has he not transformed the country for the better, he’s actually run it into the ground. Racial issues are through the roof and that’s the biggest change everybody sees in America since he became commander in chief.”

Gingrich continued, “As a result, we’re today in a worse state than we were during the Bush aftermath. All in all, Barack Obama has spent 8 years as the President of the United States and the biggest thing he has to show for are a ton of executive orders. Now, you know those ghastly intercourse dolls that you can buy to replace a real person? Well, if once could claim that Obama has a legacy at all, I would argue that that legacy is much like the said intercourse doll for two very specific reasons: one, it keeps shrinking with every executive order Donald Trump repudiates, and two, because the poor guy spent the majority of his presidency trying to tackle racial issues and failed miserably, as a result, only people with an affinity for interracial porn would say that Obama has done a good job as president.”

“So, bottom line, in January we’ll be saying goodbye to a president who was supposed to transform the country for the better by realizing bucket-loads of promises from his campaign. Instead, the person we’re actually going to be saying goodbye to will go down in history as the would-be interracial transformer,” Trump’s adviser said. “He’s done absolutely nothing for this country, other than legalizing same-sex marriage and giving away tons of money to Iran. And if only people who like interracial porn happen to be fans of Barack Obama, then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are joined by people who also love gay porn and people who are fond of betraying their own country.”

“In a sense, then, Barack Obama’s greatest contribution to American history is the fact that he’s managed to single-handedly round up everything that’s bad and idiotic about this country and bring it together during what was likely the worst period since the Great Depression in 1929, and arguably the Civil War, even. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but when it comes to me, I say good luck and good riddance to our former president. May he never practice politics again,” Gingrich concluded.