Giuliani: “10% Of Our Black Population Is Jailed And Soon 100% Of Our Former Black President Will Join Them”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will say pretty much anything to try and discredit Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. His latest attack goes so far as to evoke prisoner imagery to describe her. “When I see her, I see her in an orange jumpsuit, I’m sorry,” he said Tuesday on “The Dom Giordano Program,” a Philadelphia radio show. “Or at least a stripped one.” Giuliani has repeatedly vilified Clinton for the email server debacle, claiming she belongs in jail for her misdeeds. However, following the FBI’s investigation into the issue, she was not indicted.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out she wasn’t acting alone,” he said during the radio show. “I know many people assume that was the case, but it wasn’t. If anybody really believes Barack Obama had no part in this, I can only say I already know who it is your vote is going to, unfortunately. But, make no mistake – Barack Obama is every bit to blame for this as Hillary Clinton. They were in it together; what’s more, I’m convinced that it was Obama who instructed Clinton to set up a private email server.”

Asked if he has any proof to substantiate his allegations, the former New York City mayor argued that he doesn’t, but that “that’s how it usually goes when those in power know you’re after them with vengeance on your mind.” “I had a ton of evidence, but all of it somehow mysteriously vanished from my home. I found no signs of forced entry or any other criminal activity that would indicate they were stolen, so I had no choice and couldn’t call the police. But, I know it was them. Who else could it have been?” he added.

He continued, “But, here’s the thing: they still think they solved the problem by removing the evidence I had collected. Yet, another investigation into our departing president is being prepared. I have several friends in law enforcement agencies that tell me they’re getting ready to arrest and indict President Barack Obama for conspiracy to use private email servers and reveal top-secret documents and communication to outsiders. They’re just waiting or him to officially step down out of respect for his position. And I know for a fact he’s not getting away this time. Neither him, nor his lackey that goes by the name of Hillary Clinton.”

“And just for the record, here’s some interesting stats for ya: approximately 10% of the black population of the United States of America is jailed at any point in time. That might sound like a negligible number, but remember that we’re talking about a country that has a total of around 320 million people,” the former NYC mayor added. “And pretty soon, by the looks of things, 100% of our former black president will be joining them. Coincidentally, I can’t recall having felt more joy and peace than when I spent my days imagining Obama and Hillary Clinton both wearing orange jumpsuits in prison. After all, orange is the new black, as they say,” he tried to sound witty.