Glenn Beck: “Hillary Died Years Ago, The Imposter Keeps Wearing Pants To Hide His Leg Hair”

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was giving a speech in Cleveland on September 4 when she paused to cough and blamed it on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. “Every time I think about Trump, I get allergic,” Clinton joked. Clinton’s speech included much more, but some mainstream media outlets focused on her cough, which has been pushed as a sign of ill health by conservative websites for months.

Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck, however, went even further. In an interview with The Breitbart News, recently, he kicked it up a notch by claiming that the Hillary Clinton everybody’s is seeing today is “an imposter,” and that the real Hillary “passed away due to health issues” years ago. Beck also argued that might be the “real reason” why the Democratic presidential candidate is very often seen wearing trousers.

“Many people don’t know this, but that’s actually a dude, a very ugly-looking, feminized dude under all that makeup and props,” he said. “If I had to guess, I’d say that Bill is the one behind all of it. It makes sense that he’d want his wife to continue her climb up the political ladder of power, and that he would stop at nothing to make that happen, including dressing up a man to look like his dead wife and training him to pretend to be her, when in reality former president Clinton is the one pulling the strings and calling the shots.”

Asked whether something like that is even possible, the radio host argued that it “absolutely is,” and referenced the 1993 movie “Mrs. Doubtfire,” which featured the deceased actor Robin Williams as the lead character – a father so desperate to re-connect with his children that he dresses up as a Scottish nanny and gets a job at his former wife’s home. “One look at that movie and you’ll see that I’m right. I mean, if Robin Williams was able to fool even me having only had access to the relatively primitive props and makeup that were used back in 1993, what do you think is possible today? The sky is the limit,” Beck said.

The conservative commentator also revealed that Hillary Clinton is often seen wearing trousers for the purposes of “concealing all that leg hair that can be tricky to deal with.” “You know, they say that women have it rough, but it’s not easy for us guys either,” he argued. “I’m sure the imposter doesn’t go to the supermarket dressed as Hillary, that’d be too much. So, during his off time, I’m guessing he’s his normal self, going about his days and whatnot. But when it’s time to get back to ‘duty,’ I mean, he’d have to wax his legs completely. And that’s just not practical, you know.”

“At the end of the day, say what you want about him, but old Bill sure knows how to keep it interesting,” Beck added. “I mean, who in their right mind would have thought of that? Losing a wife must have been difficult. On second thought – nah, he was fine with it. She was constantly giving him hell over the Lewinski scandal anyway, I imagine. Looks like we’re still getting a Clinton as a Democratic candidate, only, not the one we all thought we were,” he concluded.