Gohmert: “Democrats Chose Obama To Manipulate Stupid Blacks, Doing The Same With Stupid Women Now”

Recently on “Breitbart News Daily,” Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said that Democratic Party under President Obama “is not that much different from the Democratic Party fifty years ago that was out to manipulate African-Americans.” “They’re still manipulating them,” Gohmert said. The Republican congressman also criticized Sen. John McCain, who is facing a GOP primary challenge from the right, claiming that the immigration reform legislation he has championed in the past “will turn Texas blue, and that’s what the Democrats want, it will basically ruin Arizona when you have people that come in that don’t understand what it takes to maintain a Republic.”

Gohmert went on to say that the Democratic Party chose “a very sneaky, but at the same time intelligent way” to manipulate African Americans. “They used an old trick that was invented by the Romans. They used a member of the minority and then they gave him the sort of power that no one expected,” Gohmert said. “Only, in the case of Barack Obama, they only gave him an illusion of power, while the actual decision-making processes that shaped this country were never in his jurisdictions. For all intents and purposes, President Obama was a puppet with no actual influence on the world around him.”

“And what I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that black people, in all their infinite stupidity, actually believed them. The Democrats created a perfect setup and they had everybody fooled,” he added. “Just take a look at how many people attended Obama’s inauguration ceremony back in 2008. Pretty much all of Hollywood was there, and I’m not just talking about famous African Americans, who I’m sure felt very proud to have had one of their own rise up to a historical position. All in all, it worked like a charm. And what’s the end result? Take a look at racial tensions in America today. Black people hate white people, just like they’ve always hated law enforcement. And why is that? Because they’re ignorant and because they don’t realize the law is equal to all Americans.”

The congressman then argued that “black people are like a herd of sheep being led around by a blind shepherd.” “But that’s not even the worst part,” Gohmert added. “What’s even more catastrophic is that they’ve just started doing the same thing to all the women in this country.” Asked to elaborate, the controversial GOP-er said that “Hillary Clinton is trial run no. 2” for the Democratic Party, because “they figured out that historical importance tends to rally people in greater numbers than simple political views.”

“It’s simple, really,” he said. “Why was Obama under the spotlight so much from the moment he assumed office? Because he was the first ever black president in the history of our country. And that’s part of the reason why his manipulation worked so well, because people were fascinated by him. And what’s the deal with Hillary? She’s the first ever female presidential candidate. And there’s your pattern right there. The Democrats figured out that controversy equals bigger crowds and more voters so that’s the strategy they’re implementing right now. And at the rate they’re going, I wouldn’t be surprised if all 50 states turn blue within a couple of years,” he opined.

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