Gohmert Wants To “Outlaw Abusing Young Boys” Because It Can Turn Them Gay

Recently, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, guest-hosted the radio program “Point of View,” where he interviewed Walt Heyer, who says he is an ex-transgender woman who transitioned back to being a man. Gohmert said that back when he was a judge, he observed that boys who were victims of child abuse “ended up feeling that they were gay,” seemingly “universally.”

“Now, let’s stop here for a moment and think about what that means,” he argued. “Put simply, when a young boy gets abused or molested they tend to grow up feeling gay. Needless to say, many of them never fully recover from the gruesome experience, which, in addition to feeling gay – a tragedy in its own right – is more than enough to push some of them over the edge. Bottom line, this sort of child abuse ruins many lives in the fullest sense of the word. We need to put that out there directly and without beating around the bush, that’s a fact.”

He continued, “And if we have something like that out there, which we do, and if it goes on literally in every corner of the country, which it does, I’m thinking, we really need to put a stop to it. Like, right now. Because, if we continue heading down this path, more and more damaged kids are going to feel gay and pretty soon we won’t have any more straight men and, consequently, children.” And then came the bombshell.

“For better or worse, I believe we ought to make child abuse illegal,” Gohmert opined. “And that goes especially for young boys, who are in a particularly difficult situation, as I’ve seen during my years as a Texas judge. We need to make some sort of legislation or something that’s going to outlaw abusing young boys and punish those who dare commit such atrocities. Those boys deserve normal lives just as much as the next person.”

“But, just to be clear,” he added, “I am in no way implying that I care or am trying to regulate what people do in the privacy of their own homes. And by that I’m referring to gays and lesbians. If y’all want to get it on and have homosexual orgies and whatnot where every participant is of legal age and knows what they’re getting into of their own free will, by all means, knock yourselves out. As for abusing young boys, on the other hand, I have a problem with that. And as soon as I get some of my Republican friends to draw up some sort of law that forbids that and predicts severe punishments, it will be illegal to do that. Just so you know.”

“Besides, with all the incest and zoophilia that are raging among these younger generations, I think the last thing we need is child molestation. Although, if I remember correctly, Catholic priests used to have a thing for young altar boys. I’m not sure if that’s still the case, but if it is, that’s another thing we should look into pretty soon. Until then, I promise I’ll focus on saving young boys from their parents and cousins first, as they pose the more immediate threat,” Gohmert concluded.